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Where to Buy Sildenafil: Locally or Online?

Sildenafil is one of the most successful drugs ever produced. The world has seen the success of Viagra, Pfizer’s Sildenafil brand, the first in the industry to provide a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Not only that but Sildenafil is also used for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, where Pfizer has introduced Revatio, its Sildenafil brand with just the right amount of dosage for the ailment.

For people needing Sildenafil, where can it be bought? Where is the best place for purchasing Sildenafil? Many people who are looking for relief to their ailments are also looking for savings. Today we will be looking for the right places for customers to purchase their Sildenafil medications.

Where Can I Buy Sildenafil Over the Counter?

Local pharmacies cater to all medical needs of the people as they have a complete assortment of medicines for every possible necessity. But local pharmacies are also known to have expensive prices for their drugs and most people are not getting the proper medical attention because of this. On top of that, Sildenafil is also an expensive medicine and many patients are unable to purchase this medicine as a result.

But there’s a good news. Sildenafil generics will now be available at local drugstores because the effectivity of the patent rights of Pfizer to it will be over before 2017 ends. Generic drug manufacturers cannot enter the US market before because only Pfizer has the exclusive rights for selling Sildenafil. As a result, Viagra and Revatio are the only available Sildenafil brands in the market and customers have no other options available. And since Pfizer has no Sildenafil competition, they were able to gain control of the prices. But those days are over now because generic Sildenafil is now available in the US market:

These prices were not available before when Pfizer still has a grip in the Sildenafil market

These prices were not available before when Pfizer still has a grip in the Sildenafil market. The estimated cash prices for 30 pills of 20mg Sildenafil before is $309 to $423 USD but with the generics now in the market and the free coupons from GoodRx, the prices are now reduced to a mere 5% of their original prices. This is a very big price-off considering the quality of the drugs which are FDA-approved coming from renowned international manufacturers. These generic Sildenafil brands may be cheaper than their brand counterparts but in quality and efficacy, they are no different.

Sildenafil Online Pharmacy

Purchasing Sildenafil online is also an advantage to the customers because online stores offer incentives that local pharmacies don’t. Aside from the fact that online drugstores sell at prices a lot cheaper than local ones, they offer big discounts to customers who will order in large quantities. To find a trustworthy pharmacy that carries quality generic Sildenafil, consider consulting our TOP list of Virtual Vendors.

There are also a lot of varieties when it comes to available Sildenafil on the web. If local pharmacies only sell cheap Sildenafil at 20mg, online drugstores sell the drug at all available dosages. Sildenafil is available at 200mg, 100mg, 50mg, 25mg, and 10 mg, making it convenient for customers as they no longer have to split the pill or take multiple pills at the same time just to meet their dosage needs.

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Lowest Price Online Pharmacy

It’s also more convenient to order Sildenafil online because customers no longer have to step out of their homes. At the tip of their fingertips, they can make their purchases and their orders will be shipped right at their doorstep. The usual time of the order’s arrival is 10 to 15 days but the customers can expedite the delivery with the express shipping option that only takes 7 to 10 days for an additional fee. Usually, there is a regular fee for shipping but most online stores offer to ship free of charge to customers who will make big purchases. But to encourage customers, some stores offer free shipping regardless of the amount of order. Online pharmacies also offer freebies to their customers in the form of free pills added to their orders. These bonus pills are also ED pills and are usually added to orders in quantities of 20 to 30 pills. Be careful, if something looks too good to be true, it is probably is. Avoid going for the lowest price and always verify the vendor’s reputation before placing an order.

Most online payment platforms are secure and protected by SSL Certificates making sure that the information is encrypted and safe from malicious elements on the internet. VISA and MasterCard are accepted and also the new modes of payment which are BitCoin and ECheck. The other benefit from buying Sildenafil online is that these drugstores do not require prescriptions from patients before they can sell them the drug. Patients can just purchase right away free of hassles and get their medication in discreet packaging, something that is not possible when purchasing in local pharmacies. Since most men are embarrassed to talk about their ED let alone be seen and heard by people at a pharmacy purchasing Viagra, many of them take it online where they can be anonymous and protect their privacy.


Buying Sildenafil doesn’t have to be difficult for customers looking to save money. Though it used to be an expensive drug, Sildenafil can now be purchased at affordable prices in local pharmacies because of the availability of generic alternatives. Online drugstores are also great places for purchasing Sildenafil. Our TOP rated catalog of online drugshops not only offers vendors with the guaranteed security in online payments, but with great discounts and freebies available for all customers.