Wellpillsonline.com Review – An Online Store With Fake Reviews

There is an increasing growth of online pharmacy. Wellpillsonline.com is an example of the existing online pharmaceutical companies. I was not able to tell from their website the year that they began their operations. People love online pharmacies because they have become a cheaper in comparison to the pharmaceutical stores.  Cheap might also be expensive, the industry is not an exception there is a challenge of scammers who have joined the industry. As a buyer, you need therefore to be very cautious when making any transaction online. This review of Wellpillsonline.com will help you in making a decision

Wellpillsonline.com has not indicated their exact location, which raises eyebrows, but from other sources, I realized that they might be based in the United States of America. The store sells various categories of drugs ranging from Birth control pills, Antivirals, Antibiotics, Cancer drugs, Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes among many others. In the drug categories, ED drugs are their best sellers; this is because of the high demand for ED drugs.

I decided to check on the ED drugs prices. Their prices vary according to whether it is generic or brand and the quantity purchased. The advantage is that but they are more than 50% percent less cheaply compared to buying from local pharmacies. Their Viagra can go for as little as only $0.61 for a pill, while Cialis can go for only $1.45 for a pill depending on the quantity you will purchase.  Other ED drugs like Levitra are also available for as low as $1.31 for a pill and Generic Addyi which is also another common ED drug going for only$4.74 for a pill.

As it is a trend for all online stores whether genuine or fake, Wellpillsonline claims to have an FDA approval for all their medications they sell. The FDA approval is applicable to both their brand and generic. I still do not understand why the FDA would approve the company yet they state they do not require RX from the doctors to sell you medicine. According to the FDA RX is a requirement for any drugs that need doctor’s prescription especially the ED drugs. My advice to buyers is that it is important to first get a prescription from your doctor before making any purchase online.

You can make all your purchases from Well Pills Online through the following credit cards; MasterCard, Visa, and Amex. The site places your card on hold the moment you make a purchase, but they will deduct the actual funds only after they have dispatched your order. Buyers are allowed to cancel orders before the store begins to process them but they will not allow you to make any cancellation once they have processed your order. I, therefore, urge buyers to read the payment terms and condition before making any payment.

Well Pills Online does their shipping using AirMail and EMS courier. AirMail is slower and cheaper compared to EMS, which is faster but bit more expensive. Airmail will take even up to 3 weeks while EMS takes 3-7 business days depending on the location of delivery. The store has a refund policy for damaged goods, wrongly delivered products and delayed goods. The refund does not apply to return goods. The online store does not have a live chat support system but for all your queries, you can always reach them through their toll numbers and email address.

Wellpillsonline.com Reviews

Online reviews are very important since they help buyers make decisions; they also help the company to make changes to some of its policies and services.  From Wellpillsonline website there is a client by the name Kleran who is thanking the store for their prompt and efficient services. He also acknowledges that his package arrived on time and in good condition.  Another client whose name is not identified confirms arrival and effectiveness of the products, he even goes ahead boasting of how he can satisfy his girlfriends.

image5 8

The reviews did not excite me so much since I found out that the customer reviews on the site are also found on some other similar websites (or their clone websites) without even a single modification. To me, this website is a fraud and they have pasted here fake reviews. Such kind of practice is unethical and should not be condoned. Such a website is not worth trusting and I advise you to check somewhere else.

Wellpillsonline.com Reviews 2016

I also decided to check what other independent sites said about Well Pills Online shop since I could not get any trustworthy information from their site. I checked on legitscript.com, which is a website that checks on the legitimacy of online companies.

image4 14

Legit script labeled the online pharmacy store as a rogue company. At this point, my guess was now confirmed. Even as I had assumed that it is a fake company review from this site confirmed the same image3 14

I also checked what scam advisor another online review company would say about them. Scam Advisor rated it low trusting and stated the site might not be safe to use.

Wellpillsonline.com Coupon Codes

I love coupons, actually, I would say I am an addict to them since they help me to save money anytime I make any purchase online. I was thus interested to see what coupons Wellpillsonline have to offer.

image2 15

Their offers are so attractive and they might easily convince you to make a purchase. First, they have a 5% discount for the second order you make. From the third and further orders, you are guaranteed a 7% discount. For every order you make that exceeds 20 pills, you are given 4 generic Viagra drugs.

 image1 14

If those are not enough they add you 10 generic Viagra pills free if you purchase more than 60 pills of any ED drugs. For all your orders more than $150, you will have free standard Airmail service.


The offers and coupons by Wellpillsonline.com seem to be very attractive and as a buyer going by their targets you can be easily swayed to purchase from them. Their prices are also competitive which is also good. However, the store is not genuine, is rogue and should not be trusted. Faking of reviews from other sites was such a big mistake by the store and it proves that they are not genuine.  I would, therefore, give them a rating of 1 out of 5. I would therefore not advise you to make any purchase with them. For that reason, I better go looking for another store to order my Viagra.