Slevotra Vardenafil: Avoid Unknown Products and Order Quality Generic Vardenafil

Slevotra Vardenafil is a prescription only drug indicated for the alleviation of symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. The medication helps in the relaxation of the arterial walls of the penile tissues. The drug works on sexual arousal to see to it that more blood flows into the penis through a vasodilation process. The medicine is one of the most effective erectile dysfunction treatments. Slevotra works like sildenafil and other ED solutions but has an upper hand over sildenafil with the period it remains in the bloodstream. Slevotra can last up to 16 hours on one dose. This means one can perform sex with a single dose for more times compared to drugs like Viagra that lasts only 4 to 6 hours.

The drug is available in strengths of 10 mg and 20 mg. The usual starting dose is 10 mg but for specific doses, it is advisable to see a doctor. Slevotra Vardenafil is designed for oral administration and should be taken at least 40 to 60 minutes to planned sexual activity. Remember to get the drug from a credible vendor at all times to guarantee quality and safety.

How Long Does Levitra Last?

Levitra is another medication used to counter erectile dysfunction in men. It has been proven to be very effective with its undoing being the adverse after use effects. Levitra once taken can have effects after a record 15 minutes of course on arousal. Though some can people can have delayed effects up to even one hour depending on the dose and one’s metabolic rate. In the bloodstream, Levitra can last for a period of 4 to 5 hours. In some rare cases, some men have reported the drug to last longer than 5 hours, up to a whole day. The side effects will follow immediately and will have an intensity depending on the dose. Higher doses may cause more adverse side effects compared to lesser doses.

Vardenafil Vs Viagra

Vardenafil marketed under brand Levitra and Viagra are two drugs revered for their effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction. They are the two most popular ED drugs with Viagra being the first to be developed in 1998. Levitra was commissioned for use in 2003 by Pfizer. Both work the same way by blocking the degradation of cGMP to excite more blood flow into the penile tissues.

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What then differentiates the two? Levitra has been proven to have a high tolerance to food and alcohol compared to Viagra. With Levitra, one can take small amounts of alcohol and still see the drug work for them. Viagra, on the other hand, has its efficacy punctured by any amounts of alcohol take as well as fatty foods. On dosage, a 20 mg Levitra is the maximum dose one can be prescribed to. Older men or people with contraindication are put on a starting dose of 2.5 mg. For Viagra, the usual starting dose is 50 mg and the maximum dosage is 100 mg. The two drugs should never be taken at the same time. The side effects are common with a slight difference on specifics. The best between the two depends on the taste and preference of the person wishing to remedy his ED conditions.

Vardenafil Dosage

Vardenafil comes in three known strengths namely 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg doses. 20 mg is the maximum recommended dose one can take in a day. The starting dose should always be 10 mg which can be increased to 20 mg. ED victims at an advanced age or with other serious conditions may see their doses reduced to 5 or even 2.5 to reduce risks given that, Vardenafil is a strong drug. Vardenafil is to be taken orally at least 1 hour to planned sexual intercourse. Take the drug once a day. Note that the drug is hormone free hence works with an arousal. Never overdose as it may worsen side effects. Always consult with a medical practitioner on the best use of the drug and in case of unusual side effects.

What Is Levitra Used For?

Levitra is an erectile dysfunction remedy drug. Its main chemical composition is Vardenafil. Levitra belongs to a family of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors that work by obstructing the destruction of the all-important enzyme cGMP. cGMP plays an important role of vasodilation of tissues around the penis for an increased blood flow thus causing a hard erection to allow a man to have a pleasurable sexual experience.

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Levitra Package

Levitra is a tablet formulation with three strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. Levitra is an oral drug that should be taken at least one hour to sexual activity. Wash down Levitra with a glassful of water. Can be taken with a controlled amount of alcohol. Levitra tolerates food though fruits and vegetables are the best for better results.

Levitra Reviews

Customer reviews can be one way of rating a brand. The reviews give a sneak preview about a particular product and can go a long way in shaping a potential customers opinion and decision to purchase. Levitra has attracted favorable reviews from those who have ever used the drug.

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Mxx, 44 advises that Levitra gives better results when one is composed and not suffering from the day’s bustles and hassles. He reveals that he had a wonderful experience with the drug. Doc De on his part thanks Levitra for powerful erections and says the drug is effective to him and has helped him maintain a good sex life. Mr. J says he lost his sexual power after a surgery and Levitra has come in as a remedy. He was pleased by the effectiveness of the drug.

Levitra Side Effects

No drug is devoid of side effects, Levitra is not special. Levitra cause mild to moderate side effects. Some of the common side effects include indigestion, rhinitis, headache, and nausea. Others include dizziness, running nose, blurry vision and sometimes confusion caused by ringing ears. Allergic reactions and painful erections are rare but have been reported. In case you experience them, it should cause alarm and should attract the attention of your doctor. If the above side effects do not wear off by themselves, kindly consult your doctor for help.


Slevotra Vardenafil helps in widening the arteries of the penile tissues to allow more blood to flow. This results in a hardened erection and in the process help to counter the effects of erectile dysfunction. Note the drug is available as prescription medication hence its dispensation and use must be as directed by a qualified medic. Of essence is to make sure you acquire the right drugs from the right vendor. Only purchase Slevotra Vardenafil from credible pharmacies. You can check our TOP rated drug stores List to order quality Vardenafil generic products for under $2 per pill.