Safemedsrx.com Review – A Pharmacy with Good Customer Service still Not Recommended

Safemedsrx.com offers a big assortment of drugs at lower prices and good quality, as claimed by the company on their site. The website did not specify the store’s physical location or their span of operation as an online pharmacy so I decided to contact the customer service to obtain this information. I was told that the store is located in London, United Kingdom and is serving customers from 10 years.

As per stated on their website, Safemedsrx.com offers a wide range of medics. Their selection of drugs includes those for Antivirals, eye care, birth control, cancer, painkillers, surgery, weight loss and so on. Customers can explore the full variety on the site. These drugs are, however, a lot more expensive as compared to other market drugs mainly because they sell branded drugs. They sell a single pill of Viagra at a minimum rate of USD 8.73 per pill. All the drugs are manufactured in India by an FDA approved company. However, a prescription is not needed for all the drugs.

Customers can send payment to Safemedsrx.com via major debit, credit and pre-paid cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB etc. Some drugs can be paid for using the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Shipping methods, as allowed by the online pharmacy, include Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. Both of these shipping methods vary in cost, delivery time and if order tracking is done or not. Discussing Express International Mail first, the package is sent to customers within 5-9 days at a rate of almost 30 USD and order is also trackable. On the other hand, Standard International Airmail is comparatively slower and cheaper which delivers the package in 10-21 days in around 10 USD but the facility of package tracking is not provided.

Moving on. The online pharmacy does not allow cancellation or return of orders. According to the return and cancellation policies stated on the site’s policies page, the company is not responsible for any mishaps that happen during transportation and therefore, is not accountable for refunds or return after the package has been sent for delivery.

The customer service was quite good and responded to me within seconds.


Safemedsrx.com Reviews

I could not find any testimonials or reviews about the online pharmacy on the vendor’s site or any independent review website. Usually, genuine customer reviews are of great importance as they give an accurate analysis of a company’s business. However, in the case when there are no such customer reviews about the site, vendor’s status is unknown and customers should not purchase from any such vendor.

In the case of Safemedsrx.com, a site with no internal or external online reviews, we can say without a doubt that the online pharmacy is not trustable and customers should avoid risking their money with such a company and go check for some online pharmacies with good rating and trustable user reviews. Conclusively, buying from the discussed online pharmacy is not recommended for buyers.

Safemedsrx.com Reviews 2016

After finding out absolutely no reviews at all, it would not be a good idea to trust this online pharmacy. Nevertheless, it is better to have a look at scam reports to find out if there is a chance that the e-pharmacy is reliable.

Detection of malware on the site, the usage of a free technical and administrative email address and the operation of the site from a high-risk country are some of the main concerns that could avoid a user from dealing with the site. The site has also been ‘threat listed’, has a very rare number of visitors and those too are advised to use the site with care.

image2 14

Scamner.com specifies a 7% trust rating for the site and the most ironic thing is that it specifies that the site does not own a SSL certificate for data privacy although the online pharmacy clearly specifies that the site has a certificate.

image4 13

As reflected from the results of scam analysis reports, it’s better for users to avoid dealing with the vendor and instead go for a better option.

Safemedsrx.com Coupon Codes

Just like most online pharmacies, safemedsrx.com also offers lower per pill rates at large orders as compared to per pill rates at smaller orders. For instance, if the customer orders 8 Viagra pills of 100mg, one pill is charged at a rate of 10.11 USD. The Same pill is charged at a rate of 8.73 USD if 60 pills are ordered. They also offer percentage discounts to returning customers. On placement of second order by the same customer, he can get 5% off of his order. Similarly, if he places an order for the third time, he can avail 6% off and so on. However, aside from these usual discounts which almost every online drugstore offers for customers, there aren’t any more coupon codes available on the website.

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A suitable online pharmacy is the one that provides its customers with good discount deals and services that are convincible enough for customers to return and re-order from the drugstore. Safemedsrx.com, however, does not seem to provide any such deals for its customers. Although the important plus point for the e-pharmacy is their customer service which was good and gave a quick response. Contrary to this, lack of customer reviews was a big negative factor. Testimonials are usually the most important factor in making a decision related to an online store and in the absence of these, a company does not have a very strong position.

Apart from these, lack of coupon codes and bad results from the scam reports are a big negative point for the vendor. Moreover, I wasn’t able to locate some very necessary information on the site and had to contact customer service to extract the information and that is why I’m giving the site a rating of 2 out of 5.