Rxbrandmeds.com Review – Do Not Check Out and Protect your Identity

RXbrandmeds.com is an “international online pharmacy” that I may assume has been in operation since 2000 based on the copyright symbols on the bottom center of their homepage. I could be wrong but I also do not know where they are based or where their operations are conducted because that information is not available on their website.

Their main products are Ritalin, Soma, Alprazolam, Lamisil and Xanax. Viagra, Cialis. Kamagra and Levitra make up a few of their erectile dysfunction drugs. Prices were a little confusing but you may be able to make better sense of them than me. 25mg of 4 Viagra tablets cost $19.25, Cialis 10mg 4 tablets cost $136, Kamagra $129.60 for mint flavored sachets and Levitra cost $103.20 for 4 10mg tablets.

RXBrandMeds boasts that they have over 1600 FDA approved drugs and a prescription is not necessary. There is no payment information on the page but when you click “buy” you are redirected to another website that calls itself “Secure Meds”. You have to search for the product again and add it to your cart before you can attempt to check out or make payment. They open a new window once checkout is selected and you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Dinners Club and American Express. Delivery is free, you only pay for what you buy and you can expect it to arrive via airmail or post within 7-14 days.

There is no live chat. However, you can call, email or send snail mail. This is ironic because there was no mailing address listed. Also, no policy on refunds was listed in their FAQs.

Rxbrandmeds.com Reviews

So there are no reviews. This is not surprising at all since I was re-directed to another website when I attempted to make payment. In 2017 this is an impossible thing unless rxbrandmeds.com doesn’t actually trade as a business.

What I mean to say is that any business with an online presence has reviews both positive and negative. Even if their reviews are generated by them and embedded in the design of their webpage, they will still have Testimonials or Customer Feedbacks and Reviews on their page, all positive. But RXBRAND is so blatant they have none.

Despite this, they have the audacity to ask you to share their page on social media. Why would anyone do this? You are basically a ghost on the internet in an information age. Any sound minded individual without an actual experience would be unwilling to share this company’s website as it is of no benefit to them.

Rxbrandmeds.com Reviews 2016

I often second guess myself even after making a decision but to give myself a better understanding of the situation I like to use scam adviser and legitscript. Neither of these reviews on RXBRANDS are positive. image2 7

They have been listed as a Rogue Internet Pharmacy and a low trust rating; unsafe to use. It also says that the “site is the United States based but most likely from Belarus”.

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I don’t know much about Belarus, just that they are somewhere in Europe so chances are I am not going to risk my identity or finances on rxbrandmeds.com

Rxbrandmeds.com Coupon Codes

In a world where the economic environment is turbulent and unpredictable people expect discount codes and rxbrandmeds disappoints in this regard apart from the obvious. You can’t just advertise that you are offering 80% off prescription drugs and expect us to enter our credentials. Come on?

We’re an internet aged people so we’re most likely going to compare their prices with other online pharmacies and scraping the internet for a legit deal.  If you say that you offer 80% cheaper then show us how. Even if you have no promotions or discount codes how do you differ from your competitors? What makes you stand out? Why should we buy from you when there are so much more online pharmacies offering discounts but possibly terrible service?

Convince us to buy from you. Telling us that we get 80% off prescription drugs is not doing that job. If that’s truly the case and you want us to believe that then maybe you should compare your prices with the big named pharmacies and show us that. Although even though they may be more expensive, they may possibly offer more lucrative deals. Nonetheless, thank you for free shipping.


Everything to be said about rxbrandmeds.com has been said already. They offer prescription drugs but you don’t need a prescription. How does that make sense though? Isn’t that illegal? It may not be illegal wherever they are based but in most countries, it will be.

Customers are invited to contact them by post but there is no mailing address. Again, how does this make practical sense? I mean the mailing address would help would be detectives to figure out their exact location but again, my inner sleuth was disappointed. Then there is the fact that their location is sketchy. Listed as the US but possibly their servers are setup in Belarus. We will never know for sure unless we have some serious hacking skills.

So, rxbrandmeds get a one-star rating from me today. I genuinely believe that they are as fake as they come. The evidence speaks for itself and any sensible person can look at the facts and come to a reasonable conclusion. I have. Do not risk your financial information on this company that was too lazy to set up its own payment portal.