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Over the Counter Erection Pills: What Are the Real Alternatives to a Prescription?

Can you really purchase erection pills without a prescription? Does over the counter at a gas station count? There are a number of male enhancement supplements that are easily accessible and don’t require a prescription because they aren’t medications, but how well do those really work? The good erection pills and ED medications are typically a no-exceptions, prescription deal and obtaining them otherwise is usually ill-advised.

However, there are exceptions – kind of. The mass amount of online pharmacies that now exist have made erection pills widely accessible on the Internet. Many of these consist of generic brands, but those are just as good. Many of these pharmacies still require prescriptions, but there are those that aren’t as strict. So, how do we go about obtaining these pills in an “over the counter” fashion? Is it possible? And how can we be sure we are getting legit products?

Over the Counter Viagra Substitute

When we talk about Viagra substitutes, we are simply talking about generic Sildenafil Citrate, which is the primary active ingredient in Viagra. For that reason, all generic Sildenafil brands are more or less as effective as Viagra. They are just under different names, they look a little different, and they are always way cheaper. And when we talk about over the counter, we are basically saying “prescription free,” but that is where it can get tricky.

Sildenafil products, including the generic brands, are prescription-only, but in some cases, they can be bought without one. Because there are so many pharmacies operating on the Internet, generic Viagra pills are widely available in online pharmacies, and many of them allow the purchase of these Sildenafil products without a prescription. However, sometimes there is a catch. You may be asked to complete an online health consultation or medical assessment prior to purchasing your pills.

Online pharmacies typically assume that you have met with a doctor and are allowed to be taking these pills, and if not, most of them will stress that you do so. They just want to make sure that you are safe to take the pills before you buy them. Having made these checks, you can then purchase your online “over the counter” medications.

Online drugstores will be the best place for you to purchase your Viagra substitutes, but finding websites you can trust can be a hassle. To make things a little easier, you can take a look at our list containing the top online pharmacies that are secure and trusted and will give you a greater confidence in shopping online.

Best OTC ED Pills

There are plenty of generic erectile dysfunction meds available on the Internet, maybe too many. And it’s all about finding the right ones. The best ones are accessible on trusted, globally recognized online pharmacies, and they should be certified by any of the drug certifying agencies. The best over the counter pills, or at least the most common, tend to be Sildenafil-based, like Viagra. Caverta and Kamagra are two Sildenafil-based, over the counter erectile dysfunction pills that are widely available online.

Caverta is a highly effective erectile dysfunction treatment and one of the most common Viagra alternatives on the Internet. It’s produced by Ranbaxy Laboratories, which is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company that has been steadily producing sold products for decades,

Caverta by Ranbaxy

Caverta by Ranbaxy

Kamagra is another commonly bought Viagra alternative. Ajanta Pharma, one of the most renowned generic manufacturers in India, produces this and makes it available on the Internet. It can be purchased as a tablet or an oral gel, both of which are equally as effective.

Kamagra 100mgThe best over the counter pills will still be branded, but they still wont be as pricey as something like Viagra

The best over the counter pills will still be branded, but they still won’t be as pricey as something like Viagra. You want to avoid pills that don’t attach themselves to any brand or manufacturer because these can be extremely risky and even dangerous. Kamagra and Caverta are just a couple of the possibilities for effective, over the counter erectile dysfunction meds. However, before you use any drug, make sure you consult with a doctor first. These are drugs that can still have a number of side effects and dosage limitations, so for your own safety, it is important to get accurate information.

How to Buy Over the Counter Erection Pills

If you choose to opt out of the traditional method for getting erection pills, then it would best serve you to take a look at generic brand pills that are available on online pharmacies. Typically, online pharmacies are more lenient with their prescription policy and may only require a simple medical assessment before you make a purchase.

Generic pills prices are significantly less than name-brands like Viagra and can often be purchased for 2 dollars a pill or even less. The only problem with going online is that possibility of running into scams, so you want to be sure you are getting accurate information and only buying from trusted, secure sites, which you can always find by looking at our list of trusted sites.


With the advent of online pharmacies, erectile dysfunction pills and related medications have become more easily accessible. Online access generally results in greater convenience and cheaper medications, but you should always first get a prescription and a doctor’s permission before taking any drugs you purchase online. Unless otherwise assured, you should be wary of websites that unquestionably send meds without a prescription. The risks entailed include receiving counterfeit products, harming yourself because you weren’t aware of complications, or spending money and not actually receiving anything.

Buyers should never put convenience over their safety and always make sure they are seeing a doctor and ordering legit products from trusted sites. If you are unaware of your compatibility with a drug, then it would be ill-advised to purchase it without having checked with a doctor. Name-brand or generic, it’s always important to take these precautions to avoid getting scammed or hurt.