Myonlinepharmacy.com Review – Online Company You Can Trust

Myonlinepharmacy.com is an online pharmacy that deals with genuine, brand names or medications approved by FDA. Their medicines are also prescribed. US Licensed Physicians are the ones in charge of prescribing their medicines. The company is based in the United States of America. From their website, you cannot be able to tell when they began their operations. The site also offers a free consultation for their clients.

MyOnlinePharmacy has only four categories of medications that they sell. The store sells Erectile Dysfunction, Herpes Cold Sores, Herpes –Other and Skin Care drugs. Their main purpose of focusing on a small number of medication is to allow them to provide the best services to their customers.  

Prices of medications depend on the whether the drug is generic or brand. Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) goes for $2.55 per tablet for the 20mg tablet. The brand Viagra (Pfizer) 100mg tablet goes at $70 per tablet. The brand Cialis 10mg tablet goes for $61 per tablet. My Online Pharmacy currently has no Viagra and Cialis available in generic forms, they have indicated they will be available towards the end of 2017.

MyOnlinePhramcy products are all genuine, FDA- approved. The approval is both for their brand and generic drugs. The company esteems of having the health and confidentiality of their customers as their highest priority. Apart from the approval, all licensed physicians from the USA prescribe their drugs. However, FDA has not approved their ED drugs.

To check out or make any purchase with Myonlinepharmacy.com you will need to sign up and open an account with them. The company accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. For those who use Discover, you will not be able to purchase with them since they do not accept Discover a form of payment. The pharmacy store is very clear on their website that they will not process any payment done with Discover.

When it comes to shipping, their goal is to evaluate, confirm and process all orders in the fastest time possible to ensure that they ship orders within 24 hours. For example for any order that clients place before 3:00 pm within Monday to Friday are shipped the same day if possible unless there are details that need clarification from customers. The company delivers most of their shipments by FedEx or USPS. For orders shipped to a post office, they do it through the U.S. Postal Service.  Upon delivery, all packages delivered have to be signed by an adult.

My Online Pharmacy has return policy designed as per FDA regulations. Once the company sends the prescription medicine from the pharmacy, it might not be returned. In the case of wrong medication delivered, they advise their clients not to take it but contact the customer service immediately. Myonlinepharmacy.com also gives buyers opportunity to cancel their orders if not yet shipped. However, it only applies to orders that the online store has not yet shipped.

The site does not have live online support, but for any communication, you can contact them using their email. I was not able to communicate with them since I was not confident enough to give my details to a website I do not know much about.

Myonlinepharmacy.com Reviews

It was very unfortunate that the site has no reviews on their website or any other independent sites; I was therefore not able to base my analysis on reviews. Lack of reviews makes me fear that I am dealing with a vendor whose credibility and reputation cannot be confirmed. Reviews and testimonials from other buyers are very important since they help other buyers in making decisions whether to transact with the online store or not.  

Myonlinepharmacy.com Reviews 2017

Since Myonline Pharmacy had no reviews and testimonials posted on their site, I decided to check whether the website was legit through scamadviser.com.

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Scam adviser is a website that helps online buyers to verify whether a website is legit or not. Scam adviser gave Myonlinepharmacy a high trust rating labeling a site that looks safe to use. If I were to make my decision based only on this rating, I would say that the store is a trustworthy vendor.

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Even though scam adviser labeled My Online Pharmacy a highly trusted website, I was not satisfied, so I had to confirm from another rating company scammer.com. Scammer gave the site 11% and advised me that buying and browsing from that website were not recommended. It seems strange that one site gives it a good rating while the other gives it a bad rating. The decision now lies with you as a buyer to make a choice considering other factors.

Myonlinepharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Discount and offers play a major role in helping buyers to save and to attract more buyers to the company. To me, it is sad that Myonlinepharmacy does not have any offers and discounts. It would have been preferable if the company could offer discounts to attract more buyers.


Myonlinepharmacy.com looks organized and good. The information on their website is well communicated to the buyers. Their prices are very high if you would make a comparison with what other stores offer per pill. Viagra is the only generic medication on sale in their store all the rest are brand drugs. The major issue I have with the company is the lack of reviews on their website. Having reviews would have been of great help to readers who wish to transact with the store. The other issue with Myonlinepharmacy.com is that they lack coupons to offer to their buyers. However, despite all those issues scam adviser rated them as a trustworthy company and their medication is FDA approved. I would, therefore, give them a rating of 3 out of 5 and label them an online company I can trust. Personally, I would purchase my medication from them but with caution.