Medox.bz Review – Avoid This Rogue Danish Online Pharmacy

Medox.bz is an online pharmacy store I happened to explore a little while ago. After the site loaded, I was happy to learn that this pharmacy is a generic medication vendor. It confidently describes its generic medications as 100% equal to their branded predecessors and invites prospective users to buy them at 95% less cost. I succeeded in tracing out the duration since the website was created, as well as a location. It was launched three years ago in 2014 and is based in Denmark.

Right away, I wanted to know if this Denmark-based online pharmacy sold its drugs with or without a prescription. I searched for an FAQ menu to see if there was an answer to the question. I didn’t find an FAQ menu and by extension, I didn’t get the answer I was looking for. But the absence of such an important detail suggested that it wasn’t required. Surely, Medox.bz couldn’t have neglected to provide that detail otherwise.

It soon became obvious that the main assortment of this generic pharmaceutical website was medications for treating male erectile dysfunction. Medox stocks generic equivalents of Pfizer’s sildenafil, Lilly’s tadalafil, and Bayer’s vardenafil. The store isn’t limited to those, however, with medicines like Omeprazole for GERD, Cipcin for bacteria, Finasteride for pattern hair loss, Fexofenadine for allergies, Reservatrol, and Atorvastatin for cardiovascular disease.

I was interested in the erectile dysfunction medicines. Further surfing revealed the prices for these medicines. On Medox.bz, 60 pcs of generic Viagra sell for $78, 240 pcs of generic Cialis sell for $156, and 120 pcs of Levitra sell for $288. The”Payment and Shipping” menu showed that payments can be made with Credit Cards by American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Also, orders are delivered by EMS Speedpost for $20. Medox provides refunds.

It was time to talk to customer service, and I called the number displayed in the “Contact” menu. The number didn’t go through. I then used the online message form. No response as of writing.

Medox.bz Reviews

Medox.bz does not have a “Testimonials” or “Reviews” menu like many other online pharmaceutical companies. This means I wasn’t successful in my search for honest user reviews on the site. Looking for user appraisals outside the site was equally unrewarding. I have learned, from previous experience, that user reviews on a host website are always going to be positive. You can’t expect a business to tarnish its own image. The reviews outside the host website, however, are generally more likely to give a fairly accurate portrayal of a given website. For me, the apparent absence of honest customer reviews meant that there was no way of confirming the store’s reliability. I think the inability to confirm an online store’s credibility is a warning sign. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with similar pharmaceutical businesses. You have the power of choice. Use it. You will no doubt find it rewarding.

Medox.bz Reviews 2017

I tried looking for fresh reviews outside Medox.bz to no avail. Previous experience has made it imperative for me to glean relevant information from both old reviews and fresher reviews. For one thing, dated reviews could tell an intending buyer something about a website’s past operations.

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 You might learn whether the business experienced difficulty remaining open, if it had to change the domain name for one reason or another, or if its current popularity is a recent development. Fresher reviews are very valuable because an issue raised by customers in the past may have been resolved. Since I couldn’t get any reviews of the sort I visited scamadviser.com. That site’s search parameters disclosed that Medox.bz is definitely a Denmark-based website.

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In its estimation, this site could be unsafe because it’s been listed as a rogue pharmacy in 2013 and there is a malware report associated with it. Scamner.com gave it a 0% rating and designated Denmark a high-risk location although it acknowledged that Google hasn’t designated it unsafe yet.

Medox.bz Coupon Codes

Although I was satisfied with those damning assessments, I still wanted to get a complete picture of Medox.bz. So, I glanced through the homepage to see if they advertised any discounts and came across the portion of the page highlighted in the screen grab on top. Medox offers free shipping for quantities of capsules or tablets above 120. This is a decent enough discount.

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Besides discounts like this, there is a menu dedicated to discount coupons where there is a character field provided for filling in coupon codes. This pharmacy also offers the option of footing the bill by using Gift Certificates. I learned about this in the “Gift Certificate FAQ” menu. You can purchase gift certificates like you do other products on the website. The shopping cart box keeps track of the value of your gift certificates and displays a link you can use to mail it to a friend. It was nice to see all these options, but my skepticism remained.


My hopes of making this Danish online drug seller one of my favorites were doused with the quick tour I just described. For starters, the website turned out to be only 3 years old. While it’s not impossible to put together a reliable website in that time period, Medox.bz have obviously failed to do so. I discovered that this pharmacy does not place emphasis on presenting prescriptions before sales. It deals mainly with generic substitutes for branded Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. These generic medicines are extremely affordable on Medox.bz. That notwithstanding, no customer assessments exist online for this store. Neither on the site nor anywhere else. Scamner.com and Scamadviser did this vendor no favors. I was amused to find a 0% score for it on Scamner. Scamadviser also called it a rogue online pharmacy. Its claim of possessing FDA-approved generics isn’t persuasive. I think 1 star out of 5 stars is a fair rating for Medox shop.