Israelpharm.com Review – Store with Good Reviews but High Prices

IsraelPharm.com calls itself a licensed pharmacy that is located in Israel, somewhere between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The company is said to be providing online services for more than 15 years. Israel Pharm calls itself one stop shop for all the medications including generic and branded medicines. The store has been able to secure a license to sell drugs from the Israel Ministry of Health. The company claims to sell medicines of the highest quality and the most convenient prices. It is also dedicated to maintaining the high standards of the store by keeping the prices economical. Israel Pharm takes special care in maintaining privacy by not leaking the information of its valued customers and do not allow its access to any third parties. There is no list of products available at Israel Pharm. However, I was able to find a lot of ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra being sold here. The price of 100 mg Viagra is 9.76 US Dollars per pill here which is really expensive.

The company accepts payments via Visa and Master Card only. Express Mail is used to deliver medications to all parts of the world. This shipping service requires ten days and charges 20 US Dollars for all the orders irrespective of their size. Despite being located in Israel, it does not ship medications locally. All the customers need to provide a valid prescription in order to buy drugs from Israel Pharm. The drug store has provided a contact number to call them i.e. 1-866-456-3768, and a fax number is also mentioned on their website i.e. 1-866-544-8993. Additionally, a response form can be filled and sent in order to forward queries.

Israelpharm.com Reviews

I searched for any customer reviews made for IsraelPharm.com and found a few on PharmaciesReviews.com. I decided to analyze them in order to check how the store has been serving its customers in the past.

Jayne K has given a long and positive review about the working of Israel Pharm. She has thanked this store by saying that it has saved her from “many trips to the pharmacy” and “waiting in long lines”. She also said that she does not have to worry about “paying a high cost for poor services” now all thanks to Israel Pharm. Jayne K also mentioned that she would definitely let others know about the “wonderful services” provided at IsraelPharm. She seemed so happy that she even asked the store owner to let her know if he is in her area so that the client may thank her in person.

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Lor said that he had ordered desmopressin from Israel Pharm and it just arrived at his doorstep a week after he placed the order. He said that he was really “impressed with the speed”. He also said that he is so happy with the service provided by this store that he has even referred his group to try it out by posting “a link” in it.

These reviews are authentic, and there is no doubt in them being legitimate. Both of these reviews are positive and depict Israel Pharm as a trustable store.

Israelpharm.com Reviews 2017

There were no latest reviews that I was able to find for Israel Pharm. Hence, I decided to check what Scamadviser has to say about it.

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Scamadviser does not seem to be happy about the working of this store. It has said that the store appears to be working from Canada but in actual, it is based in Israel. Scamadviser has listed it as a threat and said that it is not entirely safe to order drugs from this store.

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LegitScript is also not approving of this store, saying that it is a rogue store that works without validating itself. Stores like this have no guarantee of working and can be spam. Hence, ordering from this site can be risky for customers, and this practice must not be encouraged.

Israelpharm.com Coupon Codes

I decided to check the coupon codes offered at this website but failed to find anything. Discounts are an essential part of every online web store since these offers can never fail to attract more customers. A lack of discount offer conveys a message that the store is irresponsible and does not care about its customer pool. It is particularly disappointing for the customers who are hoping to save some extra money while buying their respective medications. I would suggest the owner of this company do something about this flaw so that more customers can think about ordering from Israel Pharm more seriously.


IsraelPharm.com has a quite confusing position in the online market. The customer reviews about this store are totally contradicting the reports given by Scamadviser and LegitScript. I found the customer reviews on an authentic reviewing website, so there is no possibility of them being fake. On the other hand, I also cannot deny the reports given by some authentic scam detecting websites like Scamadviser. Hence, I will call it a tie and give the pharmacy 2 out of 5. Customers can try it out for buying ED drugs only if they are unable to find any other reliable drug store.