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Hard Erection Pills

A hard erection is a man’s pride and a woman’s satisfaction. Naturally, you don’t need an inducement or a stimulant to aid you to have a hardened penis. When your blood vessels are still healthy and have not suffered constriction, you don’t need pills. However, what we consume may alter the normal blood flow in the body. An example is cholesterol deposits in the arterial linings that may, in turn, cause a constriction. Due to this constriction, less blood may be experienced in the penile tissues making an erection a pipe dream.

The resultant condition, in this case, is called erectile dysfunction. Luckily this condition got a remedy. There exist therapies that can be used to counter erectile dysfunction and give men back their confidence in their sexual orientation. Popular pills that have been tested for efficacy include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra.  These drugs belong to a family of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors that simply ensure a blood flow surge to the penis to trigger an erection.

Hard on Pills that Work

There are so many pills and therapies out there that can be sued in combating impotence in men. However not all that glitter is gold. There are some drugs of the existing that have been tested and can, therefore, be trusted. These drugs have testimonials from its past users to endorse their efficacy. These drugs include Viagra, Stendra, Cialis and Levitra and their generics.

 With minimal but manageable side effects these drugs have won the confidence of many men out there looking for solutions to erectile dysfunction complications

With minimal but manageable side effects these drugs have won the confidence of many men out there looking for solutions to erectile dysfunction complications. Erectile dysfunction pills will give you the best result if you follow the doctor’s guidance to the latter.

Pills that Make you Stay Hard Longer

Erectile dysfunction pills remain dormant the bloodstream once ingested awaiting sexual arousal. The different brands of erectile dysfunction last for varying lengths of time. Viagra has been reported with better efficacy but with the shortest lifespan in the bloodstream of 6 hours. Viagra is indicated to work best without food. Levitra lasts between 6 to 8 hours and can be taken alongside meals. Levitra is one of the most voted for in terms of effectiveness. Cialis, on the other hand, stays long in the bloodstream compared to the first two, normally between 24 and 36 hours. It should be noted that the efficacy of most of these ED’s can be hampered by depressant substances like cigarettes and alcohol hence should be avoided.

Viagra Generic Online Price

Viagra Generic Online Price

If you consider getting affordable Viagra or Cialis generics online check out Top List of Online Drugshops where you can buy then for under $1.5 per pill.

Pills to Get Hard Fast

ED pills act differently. The same way they vary on the times they last in the body is the same way they vary on the times they take to be effective. Most of the leading erectile dysfunction medications take 30 to 1 hour for effectiveness. Viagra, for instance, takes about one hour after consumption. Cialis like Viagra can start working between 3 minutes and 1 hour. Levitra, on the other hand, provides a quick fix, working after a record 15 minutes. Of course, the timing is dependent on other factors. If these drugs are taken with food, their effectiveness may be a little bit be delayed. Alcohol may, in fact, kill the efficacy. Besides food and alcohol, nitrates should be avoided for quick effectiveness.

Hard on Pills at Walmart

Founded in 1969, Walmart is a US multinational engaged in a variety of merchandise both in retail and wholesale packages. Walmart’s presence is in more than 50 countries worldwide. It carries out digital retail through its websites. You can order erectile dysfunction pills from Walmart through their websites. Besides the popular ED drugs in their stock, there are a couple of others including Enzyte, SizErect, ageless male and six-star testosterone among others.

Their prices range between and

Their prices range between $8 and $30. What is evident in Walmart’s Erectile dysfunction shelve is the presence of both inorganic as well as organic solutions. Enzyte, for instance, is a herbal product of horny goat weed and potency wood.

Hard on Pills Over the Counter

Majority of Erection pills are indicated for prescription. Most men find it convenient if they could work in a pharmacy and buy sildenafil like aspirin and Panadol drugs out of fear of stigmatization. Pfizer, the manufacturer of brand Viagra has been petitioning the UK authorizes and the EU to allow over the counter Viagra for close to 10 years. This petition seems to have borne fruits given that Viagra will be available as an OTC as from this year with a limitation to UK borders.

Some generic ED drugs are readily available as OTCs

Some generic ED drugs are readily available as OTC’s. This, however, should be approached with much caution given that the drugs in question are strong and have the ability to alter how a human body functions. Most ED’s are highly recommended as prescriptions for safe use. s

Harder Erection-Pills in India

Maxigra, Vigora, Silagra, Kamagra, and megalis are just some of the notable examples of erectile dysfunction drugs in India for hard erection. The first four are generics of Viagra. The active ingredient in them is Sildenafil, the same substance found in brand Viagra.

Kamagra Package

Kamagra Package

Megalis, on the other hand, is the generic of Cialis. These drugs come at varying strengths and prices.  They are the popular erectile dysfunction drugs found within the borders of India. Most of these drugs have the approval of US-based Food and Poison Authority. As much as they have been proven to work, their efficacy cannot be compared to that of their brand names.


Erection pills are designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men though they may find other medical uses too. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in men that disorients the normal sexual activeness. In such case, pills come in handy to counter the condition. The pills vary from one manufacturer to the other in terms of their active ingredients.  We have a brand and generic products and are available from the various online stores across the world. The most popular of the erection pills include Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. When shopping for this drugs, excess caution must be taken to order from a vendor that is verifiable and credible. If you consider getting affordable generics that ensure hard erection, check out Top List of Online Drugshops where you can buy generic Viagra for under $1 per pill.