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Cheap Sildenafil: Life-Saving Medicine Now Affordable

Sildenafil used to be a very expensive medicine. It was first manufactured by Pfizer as a brand named Viagra in 1997 and also manufactured a Sildenafil brand named Revatio, the lower dosage variant for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Since Pfizer was these brands’ manufacturers, it has used its patent rights to have the sole franchise for Sildenafil, preventing other manufacturers from entering the US market and other key countries. For that, Pfizer’s Sildenafil has had the privilege of being the only brand that could be marketed and sold without any competition, controlling the supply and the price to a point that it was no longer affordable.

Pfizer Logo

Pfizer Logo

Pfizer’s Viagra now costs $72 USD per 100mg pill on the market while its Revatio costs $300 USD for 30 pills of 20mg. These are now the prices for Pfizer’s Sildenafil brands. But since their patent rights are only good up until the end of 2017, affordable and cheap Sildenafil from generic drug manufacturers have now started to enter the market with prices as low as only 5% of Pfizer’s price.

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Sildenafil can now be bought at very cheap prices. Though these are just generic versions and not the Pfizer’s brands, United States Food and Drug Authority ensures that these medicines have passed their strict quality standards of having the same quality, formulation and effectivity as their branded counterparts. In other words, these generic Sildenafil brands are no different from Viagra and Revatio apart from the price.

The prices shown above are prices from the local US pharmacies with free coupons from GoodRx

The prices shown above are prices from the local US pharmacies with free coupons from GoodRx. Safeway who have previously sold Sildenafil for $308 USD per 30 tablets of 20mg now sells the drug for only $14.45 USD with the free coupon. Albertsons as well now only sells its Sildenafil for only $17.20 USD with a free coupon but was previously sold at $384 USD. It was not possible before because local pharmacies are known to sell drugs at expensive prices but now that generics are available, customers are no longer forced to purchase the pricey branded ones.

Cheapest Generic Viagra Prices Online

Online drugstores are also known to sell cheap Sildenafil, even cheaper than the coupon price that local pharmacies offer. Customers also have other perks aside from the cheaper prices because most online drugstores offer freebies such as free additional pills on top of the customer’s orders. Yes, these are free Sildenafil pills free of charge and they also welcome other payment methods such as BitCoins and EChecks which are not available at local drugstores. Bulk purchases will also avail customers bigger discounts and free-of-charge shipping covered by the store.

The other “advantage” of buying Sildenafil online is that online pharmacies don’t require prescriptions from customers before they sell them their medications, unlike in local pharmacies where there are restrictions, especially in the quantity of the drugs that will be bought.

To find a trustworthy drugshop that has the cheapest generic Viagra prices without compromising on quality, consult our Catalog of TOP-Rated Affordable Vendors. Customers can also enjoy anonymity in purchasing online unlike in local pharmacies where the pharmacist and other customers will know about the patient’s condition. Online orders are also sent in discreet packaging, protecting the customer’s privacy.

Sildenafil Indications

Sildenafil is a drug used by many people for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction. It is a drug that works to reduce the blood pressure in the body and to improve the blood circulation. It does its task by relaxing the muscles surrounding the blood vessels, dilating the blood passageways thus improving the flow of blood in the circulatory system.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is a serious condition where the heart has to pump the blood to the lungs with great effort because of the arteries that have grown rigid and thick over time. This causes extreme strain on the heart and high blood pressure. And because the blood is not being pumped easily into the lungs, it doesn’t get the right amount of oxygen making the person weak. In this scenario, Sildenafil will help the body by temporarily enlarging the diameter of the affected arteries making the blood flow easier, giving relief to the heart and the lungs, making the blood circulation and breathing easier and normalizing the blood pressure.

The most common use for Sildenafil is for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Also known as impotence, Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual health condition that usually affects older males but due to various contributing factors, it also now affects a growing population of middle-aged men. Erectile Dysfunction is the failure of the penis to achieve or sustain an erection, a function that should normally work for men but because of aging and other health problems, it is no longer possible. Sildenafil treats ED by improving the blood circulation, ensuring that a sufficient amount of blood will flow to the penis for a stronger and firmer erection better than the normal one. This though cannot be achieved without the physical stimulation of the male penis, as Sildenafil won’t cause the erection by itself.


Sildenafil is an effective drug used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It used to be expensive because of the restrictions imposed by the patent rights of Pfizer but now that it’s about to come to an end, cheap and affordable Sildenafil has now started entering the US market. To find a reliable generic Sildenafil brands safe for use, consult out TOP-rated pharmacies directory featuring drugshops that guarantee customers that they are just as effective as their branded equivalents.