Canada-choice.com Review – SUSPICIOUS or LEGIT?

Canada-Choice.com has been operating as Men’s Health Pharmacy since 1996. They boast of quality products, value for money and for us conservative folks; they claim to have the cheapest prices on the internet. I am uncertain of their main location but there are two mailing addresses on the website; one in Tucson, Arizona United States and the other in the London United Kingdom. However, they have distribution centers in the US, UK, Hong Kong and India. Their main assortment is sex products for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. You can expect to pay about $0.88 per pill of Viagra or $.091 per Procalis pill.

Canada-Choice boasts that it partners with FDA-approved manufacturers who are in compliance with the World Health Organisation. Several payment options are available through Visa, Mastercard, Carte Blanche, JCB, Dinners Club International, and eCheck. They ensure a secure payment portal that is 100% encrypted and is Godaddy and Hacker Safe certified. There are several delivery options, firstly by Registered mail, this is free if your order costs $149 and takes up to 21 days. Express mail (up to 3 days with FedEx or 6 days with DHL) is offered free of charge for orders $300 and above. If the spending requirement for free shipping is not met, it costs $14.95 for Register Mail and $24.95 for delivery by Express Mail; the option which you can choose at checkout. Shipping is only available to the following territories: Canada, United States, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia. Don’t worry, they promise 60 free pills if there is a 48-hour delay on delivery and discreet packaging so that your privacy is protected. I like that a lot.

There is a chat window however, I was unable to get a response to my inquiry on their payments methods as a customer service representative was unavailable; a little strange considering that they boast of being available 24/7. image7

There are other mediums to contact them through, email (a promised 24 hours reply) and by a toll-free number. As for their refund policy, if you are not satisfied you are 100% guaranteed to get your money back so long as you put in the request within 90 days. No questions asked.

Canada-choice.com Reviews

The reviews on the seller’s site all seem positive and make me excited to buy from this website. Brian is “very happy” and so is his girlfriend. Gunter is “good at having sex” and his wife “loves it”. I couldn’t find any reviews on independent sites so that’s a red flag for me as it shows a vendor with a shady reputation.

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Several things; why am I unable to post a review on the seller’s website?  The review section itself seems static and actually part of the web page design. Gunter is saying that he is “good at having sex” if he was so good then why didn’t he “achieve the pleasure [he] can today” before taking the pills? Sam Drover, (not shown but on the bottom of the pro-Vigra Pills page) said that “No bad side effects like what Viagra gave me “. I am confused because I read on the same website that it contained the same formula as Viagra. If so, how did he not experience the side effects?

If there are no independent reviews am I to assume that this company is genuine based on the reviews on their website that may be misleading? There should be another way for me to confirm the store’s credibility. The best way to do that is to check scam adviser.

Canada-choice.com Reviews 2017

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The site has been flagged as “Rogue” and deemed a “threat” by scamadviser and legitscpit and no comments exist from 2016 to date. How is it possible that a company that claims to be in existence since 1996 (but in operation presently) has no comments reviews for the year 2016? We live in a global village, an information sharing age in which knowledge is deemed as power. People shop online and yet they do not hesitate to review when they have had excellent service and especially when they have received subpar goods and services.  

Canada-choice.com Coupon Codes

There is really no coupon code but for the month of June (possibly because of Father’s Day and the promotion of baby making), they are offering an additional 50% pills with every purchase. Therefore, if I order, let’s say 200 pills, and then I will actually be receiving a total of 300 pills and free shipping just not with FedEx.

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This is actually a good offer if it were legit. Everyone likes discounts and promotions. I know I do. Their shipping rates are hefty so if I were a regular user, I would shop around for online pharmacies that have the best deals. This is a deal many would take advantage of. They know this and I assume they are catering for penny hoarders like me.


Based on findings presented above, canada-choice.com is a very suspicious enterprise. Why would the URL of your business have Canada in it if it is not actually based in Canada? Another Red Flag is that they have distribution warehouses in India and Hong Kong, yet these territories are not included in their shipping routes. I do not want to be a victim of online fraud so I will look for a reputable company with objective reviews before I make my purchases

If it were possible, they would receive a zero rating but I offer them a one star. I cannot find any information about them anywhere. Their reviews are obviously biased and why would they focus specifically on erectile dysfunction treatments? Why not offer prescription drugs as well to upsell a customer? I mean it only makes business sense, right? There is no guarantee that these products are FDA approved so we are most definitely trying them at our own risk.

Is this a genuine pharmacy or a rip off for persons excited about the possibilities of having a better sex life; persons who may be unable to afford expensive treatments and the non-generic form of the pill? I am not supporting this organization but if you decide to, be careful.