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Harder Erection Pills: Same Pills for Erectile Dysfunction

The need for erection-sustaining pills has grown over time because of the increasing number of men getting affected by the sexual health condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a condition where the penis’ normal erectile functions do not function anymore. Be it difficulty in achieving or sustaining erections, these conditions fall under of ED. It affects half of the population of men over 40 years of age making it a serious health concern.

Many men are not very open to discussing this topic because of its nature. It is very rare to encounter someone who is very open to admitting they have ED as most men are embarrassed to come admit it. ED is caused by the weak blood flow to the penis which hinders the organ to respond to a sexual stimulus. ED can also be psychological, caused by anxiety, depression and stress. Nevertheless, there are medicines specially for treating that can help men overcome its symptoms.

The first ED pill that was ever introduced to the market is Viagra. It was manufactured by Pfizer and was released back in 1997. It uses the drug Sildenafil to help men achieve erections. Another popular ED brand that most people use today is Cialis. It uses a different active component which is Tadalafil but has the same function as Sildenafil in helping men with their erections. It was manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company and was introduced to the market 6 years after Viagra which was back in 2003. The third most popular ED brand today is Levitra. It also uses a different substance which is Vardenafil, an enhanced version of Sildenafil. It was manufactured by Bayer and was released in the same year as Cialis and still continues to be a widely used ED drug just like Viagra.

Pfizers Logo, Viagras manufacturer

Pfizer’s Logo, Viagra’s manufacturer

These pills are specially made for patients to overcome ED and to get harder erections. Though these brands have different active components, they are all called PDE 5 inhibitors. When ingested, these drugs relax the muscles of the body to dilate the blood vessels. The dilation of the blood vessels will now allow greater amounts of blood to circulate in the body, increasing the blood flow to the penis for its erection. The constant rate of the blood flow to the penis will reinforce the erection and allow the patient to have it for durations far longer than normal. Also, the erections that the patients will have is stronger and harder than usual because of the increased supply of blood to the tissues of the penis.

These drugs work just the same but only have minor differences in their effects. Sildenafil needs about 1 hour before it takes effect and lasts for a maximum of 5 hours. For Tadalafil, it works quicker than Sildenafil needs only 30 minutes before its effects kick in and lasts for as long as 36 hours. Vardernafil, on the other hand, works just as quick as Tadalafil but only lasts as long as Sildenafil. Vardenafil is also the drug which has the least occurrences of side effects among the three.

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The brand with the longest lasting effects of the three is Cialis, lasting for up to 36 hours in the body. Even though the length of its effects are for 36 hours, it does not mean that it is going to make a man’s erection last for the rest of its duration. Cialis is commended by many users because it goes with the mood of the person using it. After the sexual activity, if the patient feels like resting, the drug will respond and allow the person’s erection to subside. When the patient feels like going at it again, the drug will again respond to the mood of the person and aid in their erections. Concerning the other two ED brands, they also work efficiently but most people complain about their constant erection that never subsides even after the sexual activity is over. This could be very uncomfortable to some males as these erections only subside after 4 to 5 hours. But regardless of this, it just goes to show that the drugs are effective and those are just the minor issues which can be manageable.

Hard On Pills Over the Counter

Unfortunately for some, these drugs will only be available for customers with prescriptions from their doctors since ED pills are prescription medicines. Local pharmacies are strict in observing this rule and doesn’t sell the drugs to customers without valid prescriptions to make sure that only the people with the conditions that merit the use of these drug will be able to use it. This might be the case, however, online pharmacies also sell ED pills but never require their customers any prescriptions. They simply sell them the medicines, no questions asked.

In this way, customers will now be able to have the helpful ED pills and purchase as much as they need. Prices are also much cheaper at online pharmacies, allowing the customers to save a lot of money.

Harder Erection-Pills in India

Most of the generic ED pills that are sold today are from big pharmaceutical companies in India, a country which is abundant in excellent raw materials for medicine production. These generic drugs are proven safe and effective and is currently being used by millions around the world.

Kamagra Gold 100mg, a Generic ED brand from India

Kamagra Gold 100mg, a Generic ED brand from India

Aside from their effectiveness, these generic ED brands are also very affordable and can be bought for only 5% of the branded drug’s price. Since these generics are only available online, customers should check our list of Top Recommended Pharmacies where customers can find the best online sites that they can buy from.


The pills for harder erection are also the same pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The popular brands that we now have in the market are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These drugs can be bought at local pharmacies but since they require prescriptions and are very expensive, customers can always go to online drugstores where effective generics can be bought for cheaper prices.