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Sildenafil 50mg Price: Get Great Erections At A Budget

Whenever anybody talks about Viagra, you will know that the mean the little blue pill that is notorious for making erections harder. While men in the past had a difficult time talking to their doctors about erectile dysfunction, the conversation becomes easier now that there’s a pill that can solve such a problem. But with such an effective pill comes a hefty price, literally. Viagra is going at steep prices, so steep that some men have called it quits trying to afford their weekly pills. However, with the introduction of generics, everything has changed, and prices look much different than they did before.

Sildenafil 50 mg Online Price

Sildenafil, if you pay attention to Viagra’s box, is the generic version of the popular medication. One of the greatest advantages of buying the generic version of Viagra is how much cheaper it is compared to what you’d usually find in the pharmacy, which comes along with the fact that Sildenafil works as effectively as Viagra does.

Prices Get Better the More you Buy

50 mg and 100 mg doses of Sildenafil have pretty much the same prices, and when you go online, you can find pills worth $7.50 each, which is a third or a fourth of what Viagra usually costs now. Go to our recommendations list of pharmacies now to find the lowest prices with the greatest discounts online.

Sildenafil Generic

Generic may not be the prettiest word when you talk about medications, but it definitely is when you’re talking about ED pills. Sildenafil serves as the main ingredient and generic of Viagra, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior. In fact, Viagra is one in the same with Sildenafil, just with a fancy title plastered on it by Pfizer. Other companies were able to catch on to Sildenafil, knowing that if ever Pfizer lost its patent, they wouldn’t be able to sell Viagra at such high prices anymore. Finally, as of December 2017, Teva and other generics companies have finally gotten the rights to sell their own brand of generic Sildenafil to the public.

Tevas Brand of Generic Sildenafil Tablets

Teva’s Brand of Generic Sildenafil Tablets

Pretty soon, shelves will be filling up with generic versions of Viagra. And because the prices for the competition’s products will be so low, Pfizer has started selling its own brand of generic Sildenafil to keep up with competition and hold on to the loyal customers it has. Despite the fact that generic Sildenafil has already been selling in places like Asia and the European Union for several years now, men in the US will finally have a chance to get some high-quality ED pills at low costs.

Sildenafil Reviews

There are many people who are willing to share their opinions about Sildenafil as well as their experience with it. Plenty of men, both young and old, and even their partners have vastly different reactions to the effects of Sildenafil. While Sildenafil is known for the most part through its biggest and most popular brand-name drug, Viagra, there are plenty of other companies out there that are not subjected to the patent restriction in the US, so they can freely create generic brands of Sildenafil and sell them at low costs.

Great for ED

“Great for ED”

Sildenafil has its benefits as well as its weaknesses. For one thing, because of its ability to improve erections, many men have made it their solution to their otherwise declining sex lives. This gives men more confidence to tango in bed and helps both parties enjoy the fullest out of their sexual experience. Many men have also reported having their relationship saved by using Viagra and other ED pills since their partners were no longer pleased by the lack of action in the bedroom. Studies show that formerly sexually active men would develop anxiety and depression from learning about their condition, as so Ed pills have improved not only their sexual health but their overall quality of life as well.

Some Men May Experience Difficulty in Climaxing

Some Men May Experience Difficulty in Climaxing

On the other hand, Sildenafil has its fair share of side effects. Though studies show that a lot of men actually don’t care much for the side effects, and will keep using Sildenafil even if the side effects persist, there is no way around them other than lowering your dose, which may also decrease the benefits you experience. Taking larger doses also results in worsening side effects as well, but does not correlate to longer stamina time or harder erections. Aside from these, some men have noticed that while they do indeed receive improved erections, they themselves could not reach climax, unlike their partners, though this does not apply to all users.


There has been a distinct rise in the price of Viagra in the past few years, and many men who couldn’t afford it then have found generics as the best substitute for their regular ED pills. Some men may not want to resort to buying generics, as there is a negative connotation to these seemingly bland drugs, but going generic is pretty much the best decision when it comes to buying ED medications. As Sildenafil is the main ingredient of Viagra, you can be assured that even the generic version will be an amazing hit and give you those incredible erections that you need in bed. Generic drugs are both effective and cheap, so go on and try them.

One of the best ways you can avoid unwanted negative reactions while taking drugs like Sildenafil is by checking with your doctor and making sure you are cleared to take the pills. Unfortunately, there are several drugs that cannot be taken alongside Sildenafil, such as nitrates. Heart problems, bleeding conditions, and other medical problems are also incompatible with taking Sildenafil, and you may need to find some other ED medication or alternative to that in order to treat your condition. To order Sildenafil 50mg under $1 per pill, visit our TOP Providers List comprised of the most popular and approved by the customers e-pharmacies.