Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx Review – A Possibly Illegal and Hazardous Mexican Pharmacy

Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx is Mexican online pharmacy that stocks and distributes medicines to all residents in countries where purchasing online drugs is permitted.

The pharmacy is licensed by the National Health Agency of Mexico, thus the meds are regulated and inspected by the Mexican health authorities. MexicanPharmacy claims to have been in business for quite some time, having started its physical store in 1978. The online business started years later, though, particularly in 1993. The company is offering approved and legal drugs to treat distinct conditions including, diabetes, hormones, cancer, anabolic steroids, blood pressure, asthma, pain relief, men’s and women’s health, cardiovascular diseases and some others.

Since I’m a man interested in erectile dysfunction products, I had a quick look on MexicanPharmacy.com.mx rates for such drugs. I discovered the store caters both generic and brand-name medications. Lilly’s Cialis (20 mg) is being dispensed for $85 per box containing 4 tablets. The generic version costs $75 for a box of 10 tablets. A box of 12 pills of Figral (Sildenafil Citrate) is sold for $65. Viagra is dispensed for $85 for 4 tablets of the 100mg variant.

The company accepts payments made through bank transfers, money transfers or checks. The store ships the parcels through DHL for deliveries up to 48 hours after purchasing. The store also offers other options: registered airmail, which takes up to 18 days, and EMS for deliveries up to 12 days. No shipping fee is mentioned on the website. However, the store charges a $15.00 Co-prescription fee, thus I’m assuming this is the “shipping” fee.

The company doesn’t accept returns as it is forbidden by the law to accept returned prescription medicines. MexicanPharmacy.com.mx only offers conditional refunds for damaged or misplaced orders. The company asks for a 20% restocking fee every time a misfortunate happens, even if a full refund will be issued. This is a company that doesn’t care for its clients and I’m already upset.

The only way to contact the pharmacy is by addressing customer service via email at [email protected]

Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx Reviews

Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx has some available exterior reviews, although they are fairly negative. Only one customer was happy with Mexican Pharmacy services, while the other ones accused the store of not delivering the products.

On eroids.com, a website for bodybuilders, user Relax007 described Mexican Pharmacy has “excellent”, including the communication between the store and the customer. The client ordered Jintropin HGH three years ago and recommended prospective clients to shop in this pharmacy.

image3 5

On Pharmaciesreview.com, a much more reliable reviews site, a client accused MexicanPharmacy.com.mx to have stolen 1170$ from someone he knows. The client proceeded with the payment via Western Union and was completely deceived by this pharmacy, never receiving its products. The client refers to Mexican Pharmacy as the “biggest crooks in the business”.

image4 6

Despite conflicting, I don’t know which testimonial is more trustworthy. In one hand, pharmaciesreview.com is a highly credible website that typically verifies the reviews. However, the user is sharing the experience of someone he, allegedly, knows. How can I know if this really happened or not?! On the other hand, Eroids.com allows anyone to publish a review, thus there’s a chance the store itself wrote that positive review.  

Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx Reviews 2017

In order to eliminate any doubts regarding MexicanPharmacy.com.mx safeness, I did a quick analysis using scam alert websites. As I suspected, Mexican Pharmacy reputation among these tools is substantially low. This pharmacy is likely hazardous and should be avoided.

Legit Scrip described MexicanPharmacy.com.mx as an illegal store due to its lack of compliance with the legal requirements that online drugstores must obligatory meet. Therefore, Legit Script considers MexicanPharmacy to be a rogue internet pharmacy and, obviously, doesn’t recommend shopping here.

image2 5

Based on Scamner results, I can say for a fact that this e-shop is not very popular. The website has almost no visitors and is considered to be unsafe. Scamner awarded MexicanPharmacy.com.mx with a 0% trust score, labeling the pharmacy as unreliable and illegitimate.

image5 4

Giving this analysis, I can’t put my faith on MexicanPharmacy.com.mx. I have to put this store on hold and find myself a much more trustable pharmacy to get my meds from.

Mexicanpharmacy.com.mx Coupon Codes

MexicanPharmacy.com.mx is offering discounts on two specific products. I didn’t see any dedicated discount section for free shipping or loyalty programs, only savings on either antibiotics and human growth hormone (HGH).

Users that buy antibiotics from MexicanPharmacy will receive a 5% off in certain market item, whereas clients who purchase HGH can get a discount up to 20%.

Although welcomed, these discounts are not useful for clients who do not need these meds. Thus, it would be fantastic to have a discount valid for all medicines.

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I can’t just stop ignoring all these red flags and reports given by either previous clients of MexicanPharmacy.com.mx or by scam analyzing sites. To be clear and simple: MexicanPharmacy.com.mx is just not the right place for anyone to order meds from. If I decided to buy something from this Mexican drugstore, I’d, most likely, lose my money in exchange for nothing. The pharmacy clearly has some trust issues and is completely unreliable. Despite its inviting prices and its claims of dispensing only high-quality products internationally recognized, MexicanPharmacy has some evident issues within its organization. Customers also complained about the lack of support from customer service as they never got any answer from them.

I will follow Legit Script suggestion and treat MexicanPharmacy.com.mx as a rogue pharmacy and avoid it at all costs. At the end, I can only give this online drugstore a rating of 1 star.