Iwantmeds.com Review – Reportedly a Scam Site, According to One Web Platform

Although Iwantmeds.com has a unique name, its template is one I’ve seen recurrently in various web pharmacies. Online shops with recurring templates are usually website affiliates, although Iwantmeds.com did not indicate that it is one on its website. According to iWantMeds, it sells generic medications at “discount prices” and allows the consumers to save up to 80% in drug costs compared to local pharmacy prices for the same products advertised on the shop.

Iwantmeds.com did not indicate where it is operating from, but the shop provided US and UK numbers. There is also no clue when the store started its service, as it is also not stated on the store. Typically online stores are happy to share when their operations began, but not in the case of I Want Meds.

All of the products sold by Iwantmeds.com are generic products, so you won’t be seeing big pharma names on this online store. As for its product assortment, the meds are arranged arbitrarily; I found meds for women’s health, birth control, eye care, skin care, urinary concerns, viral infections, HIV, and various products I Want Meds. Amongst all of the products on Iwantmeds.com, though, the most popular ones are generic erectile dysfunction products (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra), and generics for Priligy, Amoxil, Clomid, Cipro, and other famed medications for all sorts of medical concerns.

Despite the extensive product range available on Iwantmeds.com, I am merely interested in products for treating male impotence, so I gave special attention to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other Indian brands for impotence such as Caverta, Avana, Kamagra, Forzest, and numerous others. Because of the numerous products on the store, I only checked prices for generic Viagra and generic Cialis, and I discovered that the store charges $39.90 for 10 pills of the 100 mg generic Viagra and it charges $44.90 for 10 pills of the 20 mg generic Cialis product.

The prescription policy of the shop is somewhat unclear, as the store did not state which products will require prescriptions or not, and as I asked Mary, the customer rep, I was also given a vague reply as well. According to Mary, some of the products on Iwant Meds will require prescriptions, while some will not, and customer support will just contact the buyers in the event their orders will need the provision of prescriptions.

 image3 11

Shipping for the products on Iwantmeds.com is free (regular shipping), but the store also offers an Express shipping option which costs $20. Regular shipping takes up to 21 days, while the Express shipping takes up to 9 days only.

As for payments, Western Union, MoneyGram, and credit card payments the ones honored on Iwantmeds.com.

If you have other questions, you can contact the shop using its live chat option, the email function, and the phone numbers available on the store.

Iwantmeds.com Reviews

Iwantmeds.com had reviews on a third-party platform, Pharmacies Review. The store had two good reviews from separate consumers posting in two different occasions, but both feedbacks were from 2012.

image4 10

According to John Reeves (posted August 2012), Iwantmeds.com is one of the best web sources for prescription medicine, as the shop only sells FDA-approved medications. However, it is notable that the review was from Iwantmeds’ admin.

Jerry Bosch (posted November 2012), stated that he was only referred to by his uncle to Iwantmeds.com and has since used the store. He’s used the shop for three times during the time of his review and he recommended the shop’s use to other clients.

Iwantmeds.com Reviews 2017

Although I Want Meds has reviews in 2012, the store does not have any buyer reviews available for its service for the more present year. For this reason, I’ve decided to use other online platforms to verify if the shop has a good domain health or if it has concerns for its domain.

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Iwantmeds.com was given a ROGUE rating by Legit Script, as the store failed to comply with Legit Script’s standards for proper website functioning. The shop, however, qualified in the ROGUE pharmacy category set by Legit Script for internet pharmacies.

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Using Scamner.com, I was able to discover a 0/100 rating for I Want Meds. Online pharmacies and any site with payment portals should have an SSL certificate, and Iwantmeds.com, while it needs to have an SSL certificate, did not have one—hence the bad rating.

More details from Scamner also reveal that the store, Iwantmeds.com had reports of being an online scam and also a spam site. The age for Iwantmeds.com is 2 years and its domain registry has already expired April 2017.

Iwantmeds.com Coupon Codes

Discounts are awarded by Iwantmeds.com to buyers on their nth orders on the store. The store awards a 5% discount for buyers on their 2nd orders, 6% discount for buyers on their 3rd orders, 7% discount on their 4th orders, and 8% discount on their 5th orders.

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Unconditional free shipping is also available on Iwantmeds.com on all orders. Freebies, on the other hand, are currently unavailable.


I Want Meds is one of the select online stores with unconditional free regular shipping on all orders. Despite this promotional deal, though, I am not recommending the use of this store due to the dearth of present reviews for its service. The prices are average and indeed lower than brand-name product costs, but still, I am rating Iwantmeds.com only 2 out of 5.