Cfp-shop.com Review – Competitive Pharmacy with Unsafe and Unreliable Website

Cfp-shop.com is an online retailer of high-quality generic and branded medicines. It aims to improve access of patients to drugstores, promote better health outcomes, and offer very cheap and affordable drugs to the public. The pharmacy is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Ontario. All drugs from the store are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A wide selection of drug categories is available at the Canadian Family Pharmacy, This includes drugs for men’s health, pain relievers, antibiotics, women’s health, antidepressants, antiepilepsy, anti-anxiety or sleeping aids, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs, anti-allergies, asthma treatment, weight loss aids, skin care products, eye care products, diabetes treatment, antivirals, cancer drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements, and pet products. The pharmacy offers lifestyle medications, and various nutritional and dietary supplements as well. The cost of generic medicines that we can purchase from the drugstore is very cheap and affordable. The generic Viagra, which contains the similar ingredient from its innovator drug manufactured by Pfizer, is a common lifestyle drug prescribed to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The drug is available at the pharmacy for as low as $1.14 per tablet. Although online consultation may be sufficient for some illnesses, the pharmacy strongly suggests that the patient consults a licensed medical practitioner before starting a new medication therapy. This is essential to prevent drug interactions and other contraindications that may arise due to improper management of medicines and inadequate information about the drug.

Currently, Canadian Family Pharmacy accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and E-checks. Two shipping options are currently being offered by the drugstore. This includes Regular Airmail Delivery and Express Courier delivery. They ship internationally to most countries. Regular Airmail is cheap and a more reliable option but waiting time is a bit longer. Packages delivered using this method arrive within 10-21 days. On the other hand, Express Courier Service (EMS) is only applicable to customers within the United States. The delivery is faster and would give you access to the USPS website to track the status of your delivery. Waiting time is 8-14 days. The shipping rates may be viewed upon checkout.

If an unlikely event happens and the package was not delivered, or if the product you have received is damaged or defective, Canadian Family Pharmacy offers 100% money back guarantee. Customers are advised to contact the support team for proper assistance.

If you have any questions or issues, you may leave a message on the customer ticket page and a customer service representative would be happy to assist you.

Cfp-shop.com Reviews

There are no customer reviews found for the Canadian Family Pharmacy. No matter how promising or competitive the prices that we see on the seller’s website, testimonials from previous buyers play a vital role in the decision making of potential customers. These reviews build the online reputation of the vendor. They will either make or break the fate of the seller from gaining a good market share in the industry.

Cfp-shop.com Reviews 2017

Since there are no customer reviews available for Canadian Family Pharmacy, scamadviser.com and legitscript.com have been checked for more information about the websites’ safety and reliability.

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Scamadviser.com gave a low trust rating and does not recommend buying and browsing the website. The domain age is 3 years and 363 days and the owner country is Netherlands. Similarly, the location of the website is also Netherlands. The registered contact email address and the technical contact e-mail address being used by the pharmacy is a free one, which makes it very unprofessional. Moreover, the drugstore has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy and a large number of high-risk sites were found to be related on this website.

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Legitscript.com also classified Canadian Family Pharmacy as a Rogue Pharmacy. It means that this online vendor violated rules and regulations regarding the accurate prescribing, selling, and dispensing of medicines to the public using the internet. Moreover, it did not meet the criteria or verification standards set by LegitScript to be classified as a safe and reliable internet pharmacy.

With all the data gathered from legitscript.com and scamadviser.com, customers must be extra careful when dealing with potential scammers like the Canadian Family Pharmacy. The website that they are using was found to be unsafe and the data that customers are sharing might be compromised. Hence, credit card details are out in a high risk when shared on their server during payments.

Cfp-shop.com Coupon Codes

Aside from the low-cost generic medicines offered by the Canadian Family Pharmacy, the online vendor also offers several discounts and promos for customers, both new and existing.

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If you increase the quantity of the medicines you buy, the bigger and better the discount or freebies. For orders starting at $150 USD, FREE Regular Airmail shall be offered to the consumer. If the amount of package reached $300 USD, FREE Express Courier shall be awarded. However, this service is only applicable to customers within the United States. Lastly, for orders with accumulated amount of $200 USD, a FREE insurance shall be given to the customer. This insurance will guarantee reshipment if an unlikely event happens and the delivery failed to arrive on time or not at all.


Canadian Family Pharmacy is an online vendor of pharmaceutical products, both generic and branded. The pharmacy is licensed by the College of Pharmacists Ontario and all drugs being offered are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pricing scheme of the pharmacy is also very competitive with the other online pharmacies in the industry.

I am giving 1 out of stars rating for Canadian Family Pharmacy because of its low trust rating and safety issues. Although the pharmacy is very competitive, its bad online reputation cannot compensate the affordability of the products they offer. I strongly suggest looking for a more reliable and safe platform when buying medicines online to ensure the quality of the products and the worth of your money.