Vardenafil: Everything You Need To Know About Generic Levitra

Erectile dysfunction pills are some of the most sought-after products the world has ever seen since they were first being mass-produced. The general male population has been getting older, but despite this age, they still tend to be sexually active and want to deliver great sexual pleasure to their partner, something that ED pills are able to help them with. Viagra is definitely the most recognizable of the bunch, with sales piling up to about $2 billion dollars on a good year for that pill alone. However, there are others out there that have the same erectile power as Viagra, such as Vardenafil.

Vardenafil: Everything You Need To Know About Generic Levitra
The Generic Form of the famous Levitra ED Pill

The name may ring a few bells for some ED users out there, even though they don’t quite remember taking this pill because this is the generic version of Levitra. Levitra is just like Viagra in that they are both PDE5 inhibitors, a class of drug that is able to give men harder erections by improving their overall blood circulation. When more blood makes it to the penis, erections can last for longer and they also become firmer. Men of all ages have tried taking this pill to great satisfaction in bed.

Vardenafil Reviews

Levitra, while being one of the drugs that came after Viagra made its debut, is undoubtedly still one of the most popular medications taken to get rid of ED. ED can be caused by a number of conditions that plague many people today, like high blood pressure and heart problems, as well as being a consequence of aging. Even high-stress levels, depression and smoking can lead to cases of ED. But Vardenafil has been known to treat both psychological and physical causes of ED.

Many Reviewers can Give Helpful Advice on how to Best take the Pill

Even for men who thought that they would never be able to have any good erections ever again, products like Vardenafil have come to the rescue and saved several relationships and helped men get back their libido and confidence in their sexual performance. And the best thing about taking the generic version instead of the brand drug Levitra is that you can save loads on your ED expensive, as the costs can stack up quite easily.

There are Pros and Cons to Taking ED Pills

Some of the downsides of taking ED pills like Vardenafil is that you have a waiting period of about an hour before you can actually start having sexual intercourse. Some men feel that this dampens the mood and spontaneity of their sexual encounters. There are also side effects that come along with taking every pill, however, these tend to be bearable for most people. In fact, no one has stopped taking Vardenafil for the side effects alone.

Vardenafil Generic Price

ED pills made by big name companies usually cost a hefty sum, and one of the best examples of that is Levitra. Levitra can usually be bought at around $20 per pill, which is really something considering that this is usually the lower limit for these kinds of medications. It can go as high as $30 if you’re buying in the wrong places and you don’t have any discounts to help you. However, if you try checking prices online, you’ll see a completely different story. Prices can lower down to $4 a pill for generic Levitra, and that’s only the beginning.

Vardenafil Generic Price

Online pharmacies give you the opportunity to get better deals and discounts for the pills that you’re always buying. The more loyal you are to the pharmacy and the more you buy, the more you can save up. Want to know where you can find reliable pharmacies to buy your meds? We have a list of great pharmacies where you can buy Vardenafil ready for you.

Vardenafil Dosage

Though Viagra and Levitra have mostly similar effects and even side effects, one of the noticeable differences between Vardenafil and Viagra’s generic, Sildenafil, is that they have different doses. When you take that initial dose, it is usually at 10 mg, which is the middle one. Based on how much you can tolerate and how the potent the effects are, the dose can be amped up to 20 mg for a man who complains that 10 mg doses don’t give him much of a kick. It can also be lowered to 5 mg if the man is younger or the case of milder ED.

Three Doses of Vardenafil

Aside from the dosage, another thing to take note of is the proper instructions for taking Vardenafil. You should make sure that you give yourself a time period of an hour before having any intercourse when you take the pill. Vardenafil is also best taken without drinking alcohol or consuming too much food, as these may affect the potency of the pill.

Vardenafil Side Effects

Vardenafil’s side effects have been known to be mild and bearable to users, and only become bothersome when a large amount is taken at once. Common side effects reported include flushing, nasal congestion, headaches, back pain, stomach upset and dizziness. You could also expect some nausea, indigestion, and nosebleeds can also be expected. Some other more serious side effects are chest pain, difficulty breathing, shifts in vision and hearing, as well as priapism, or a prolonged, inexhaustible erection. These happen very rarely, but if they do occur, medical help should be sought immediately.

Never Take More than One Recommended Dose at a Time

It can be easy to go overboard when taking pills like these that seem to have no real threat to our health, so it is important to consult your doctor, especially when getting a prescription. There are many health conditions that are not compatible with Vardenafil, such as bleeding conditions and heart problems. Some medications should not be used alongside Vardenafil as well, as they have negative drug interactions that could cause you to become iller.


Vardenafil is one of the best ED medications that you can find today and is certainly one that your doctor will recommend to you. It helps men not only have better erections but can also improve their general mood and their overall health, as sexual satisfaction is deeply linked to your quality of life. The most recognizable form of Vardenafil is Levitra, which is sold in most pharmacy stores near you. But if you want to cut down on your expenses, you can try searching for a generic version that is just as effective as the big-name brands.
One of the best places to buy products would actually be at an online licensed drugstore. However, you must be absolutely sure that the vendors you are purchasing your medications from are reliable distributors of your drug. Many men have fallen prey to online pharmacies that sold counterfeits to their customers. It would be best to find a store that requires a prescription from your doctor in order to purchase ED pills.