Canadian-drug-store.com Review – Competitive Canadian Pharmacy with Fake Reviews

Candian-drug-store.com is an online drugstore in Canada selling a wide array of branded and generic medicines. All the products offered by the pharmacy are duly approved and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drugstore is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy and a proud member of the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. Different categories of drugs are offered by the Canadian Drug Store. This includes anti-allergy medicines, anti-fungal, antiviral, antibiotics, drugs for anxiety and arthritis, anti-asthma, birth control pills, blow pressure and cholesterol lowering agents, drugs for erectile dysfunction, anti-depressants, herbals and supplements, skin care products, sleeping aids, smoking cessation aids, weight loss supplements, pain relievers, and many others. The prices that the health store offers are also very competitive. Take for example the generic brand of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg tablet, a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. One tablet of this drug only costs $1.06 USD. It is at par with the other online pharmacies selling generic brands for ED. It is very easy to place an order from their website since a prescription is not required. However, the pharmacy strongly recommends that all patients shall consult their physicians before taking any kind of medication. This is important to avoid drug interactions and contraindications especially if you are also taking other drugs or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Currently, Canadian-drug-store.com only accepts Visa, American Express, and eCheck as their payment options. There are two types of shipping methods used by the pharmacy; Airmail and Express Mail Service (EMS). Airmail or US Postal Service for USA customers may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. EMS Courier delivery may take 3-8 business days. However, the pharmacy cannot guarantee that you will receive the parcel within 3-8 days due to possible delays at customs. The shipping fee varies depending on the method chosen by the customer. Airmail costs $10 UDS and EMS Courier Delivery is a little more expensive at $20 USD. All medications are packaged and shipped within 24 hours of receipt of orders from the website.

According to international pharmacy laws and regulations, medications are not eligible for returns. If in case the customer received a damaged or defective product or did not receive the product at all, the pharmacy advises contacting the customer care support team for proper assistance and possible re-shipping, with no additional costs.

The customer support team may be reached through their toll-free hotlines at +1-760-284-3222 (US) and +4420-3286-3820 for UK residents. You may also leave a message on their website.

Canadian-drug-store.com Reviews

Testimonials from the drugstore’s previous customers were found on their website and a majority of them gave positive feedbacks about the health store.


A customer named Christian from France said that Canadian Drugstore has a “fantastic customer service”. No further details were mentioned about his personal experience was explained, though.

Liam from Ireland said that it is “cheaper than buying locally”. His order arrived quickly despite the bad weather. He was expecting a delay in the delivery because of the snow, but he was surprised to receive the package on time.

Although Dylan from Germany had some issues regarding the shipping method and cost, his experience was also okay. He wanted the parcel to be delivered into his post box because there is no one at home all the time. The courier wanted to deliver it to his home. So, they had to get the parcel to his office. He had no issues but he suggested looking into this part to avoid additional costs. In spite of this, he rated the pharmacy a fair rating for having a “good service”.

Lastly, Landon from France said that the products from this store are “cheap” compared to his local pharmacy.

Although all reviews were highly positive and in favor of Canadian Drugstore, these testimonials were also found from similar websites without any modification. Hence, there is a big possibility that these were just made up by the pharmacy to gain a good reputation. Please do not trust a heinous act like this.

Canadian-drug-store.com Reviews 2017

Recent reviews were also gathered from the website and Legitscript.com was also used to gather information about the authenticity of the website used by the Canadian Drugstore.


Irish from St. Patrick’s, France thanked the pharmacy for giving her “prompt and efficient service”. Her orders arrived on time and in good condition.

Samuel from Spain is also grateful with the kind of service he received. According to him, the pills he ordered: “worked very well”. He also thought that the customer support team of the pharmacy was very helpful.

Lastly, Jackson from Italy apologized because at first, he thought that the pharmacy was a scam. It took him a month to receive his orders and thought that the “postal service must be the culprits” and not this drugstore. He also wished all the best for the pharmacy and only hope that “good karma” flows to them.

Again, these testimonials were also found from similar websites without any modification. We do not want to tolerate fake reviews like this because they just reflect that this pharmacy could not be trusted, even with the smallest things.


Legitscript.com classified Canadian Drugstore as a Rogue Pharmacy. This means that the drugstore may have violated rules and regulations pertaining to the proper selling or dispensing of medicines using the internet. It did not meet the necessary standards to be classified as a good internet pharmacy.

Canadian-drug-store.com Coupon Codes

The prices of the drugs sold by Canadian-drug-store.com are very cheap and affordable. Moreover, the pharmacy also offers lots of special deals and discounts for their customers.


First, the pharmacy assures customers that their drugs are 70% less than the prices you would get from your local pharmacies. This is quite accurate as we have earlier discussed the price of the generic brand Sildenafil. Second, shipping fee shall be waived if your order reached $ 200 USD and above. Lastly, the drugstore is giving away free Viagra pills with every purchase you make.


Canadian-drug-store.com is an online pharmacy in Canada offering a wide variety of generic medicines. All the products are FDA approved and the pharmacy is licensed by different reputable pharmaceutical organizations in Canada.

I am giving this health store 1 out of 5 stars rating because of the fake reviews gathered from their website. The prices and the quality of their products are very competitive, but we do not want to tolerate the heinous act of faking testimonials from customers to lift the reputation of the store.

I strongly suggest looking for a better alternative. Look for a more trusted website with credible customer feedbacks that would validate the efficiency of their services.