Big-mountain-drugs.com Review – Affiliate Store with a Common Template—Now Closed

Big-mountain-drugs.com is another online pharmacy named “Sky Pharmacy”, a pharmacy name which I have been constantly seeing on the web. Big-mountain-drugs.com was another affiliate pharmacy of this Sky Pharmacy network, but today, the shop is no more than a closed online pharmacy without reviews from its former consumers.

Although the store had no reviews from its former clients, I was able to gather data for the store using its archived information from the Internet Wayback Machine. Based on the former records (2013 to 2015) for Big Mountain Drugs, the store was a shop accredited by the CPA, CIPA, and MIPA, which were all Canada-based organizations for online pharmacies. Even if Big Mountain Drugs’ earliest records were found in 2013, the store claimed to operate since 2004. Although the store made the consumers think that it is a Canada-based shop, there was no proof that Big Mountain Drugs had its office in Canada—the store did not provide comprehensive information about its location on its About page.

Big-mountain-drugs.com looked like the other online pharmacies also named Sky Pharmacy. The products available on Big Mountain Drugs, the prices, the policies, and pretty much everything, were similar, save for their domains. Like the other “Sky Pharmacy” shops, Big Mountain Drugs had products for allergies, infections, hypertension, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, depression, and other clinical conditions. As for the best-selling meds, the store offered brand and generic impotence treatments, plus other products like Prednisone, Amoxil, Celadrin, and Lasix. I have no idea why the bulk of online pharmacies offer impotence meds for their consumers—it appears that the online drugstores think that erectile dysfunction items are most popular with clients.

Although Big Mountain Drugs only had archived information available, the store had its records for the price list of products saved by the archive website. Because my interest is for the impotence treatment prices on the web, I looked at some of the products on Big-mountain-drugs.com with available prices. Brand Viagra 100 mg, according to Big-mountain-drugs’ retrieved data, was sold at $33.33 for 4 pills or at $8.31 per pill. Brand Cialis 20 mg, on the other hand, was sold for $36.60 for 4 pills or $9.15 per pill. Consumers interested in trying both Viagra and Cialis at the same time, on the other hand, can purchase ED trial packs containing 20 mixed pills of Viagra 100 mg and Cialis 20 mg for $59.95. Big-mountain-drugs.com advertised that it does not oblige consumers to provide their prescriptions for the Rx meds they need.

Due to the offline status of Big-mountain-drugs.com, I was unable to determine the shipping rates charged by the store. Payment options available on Big-mountain-drugs.com as well as the reshipment policies were also undeterminable due to its limited information on the web archive records.

Big-mountain-drugs.com Reviews

I tried looking for available consumer comments and reviews for Big Mountain Drugs on the web, but the store appeared to have no buyer reports for its service. Because of this lack of comments and reviews for the online platform, I was also unable to assess the shop’s performance based on how the consumers perceived its service. It was unfortunate that Big-mountain-drugs.com did not have reviews, but it’s somehow not surprising that another online store failed to have consumer reviews, as most online stores actually fail to have their web mentions.

Big-mountain-drugs.com Reviews 2016

Not even present reviews were available for Big Mountain Drugs, so in order to discover more details for the shop, I went on to use other web platforms, as s such as Legit Script and Scam Adviser often discover details not observable on online pharmacy pages.

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Legit Script determined that Big Mountain Drugs was “ROGUE” internet store because it qualified for the unapproved rating and was discovered to be dispensing prescriptions in violation of the national and international pharmacy laws. Legit Script also determined that Big Mountain Drugs had no reviews, and according to Legit Script’s WHOIS record for Big-mountain-drugs.com, the shop was created only in 2016 and by an owner located in Hong Kong.

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The Scam Adviser result for Big-mountain-drugs.com showed similar poor results too—the shop was given a low trust rating of 29/100. Scam Adviser also identified a “ROGUE” pharmacy status for Big-mountain-drugs.com and also a brief life expectancy of only 365 days. Big-mountain-drugs.com, though, was also identified by Scam Adviser as an offline website whose setup involved high-risk countries.

Big-mountain-drugs.com Coupon Codes

Just like the other Sky Pharmacy websites, Big Mountain Drugs also has limited time offers for free pills and free shipping.

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According to the information on Big-mountain-drugs’ archived information, the store offered free Viagra pills on every order, as well as free shipping. However, the store offered the free shipping for consumers with orders above $200.

Big-mountain-drugs.com also offered its returning clients with 10% discounts on their next orders; however, no buyer can enjoy the following deals due to the closed and non-functional status of the online pharmacy.


Big Mountain Drugs is another Sky Pharmacy affiliate store with the same products, same prices, and technically the same content as the other Sky Pharmacy sites. I tried looking for available reviews for Big-mountain-drugs.com, but I failed to locate consumer reviews for the store, indicative of its unpopularity or its lack of experience when it comes to online selling. Since the store is now out of business, I can only give the shop 1 out of 5.