Best-generic-drugs.com Review – Not the Most Trustable Vendor for Buying Drugs

Best-Generic-Drugs.com is a website that sells generic products online. The company seems to be working from Europe and serves the European customers because all of the drugs available on this website are priced in Euros. I later came to know that this company is actually located in Mauritius. From the copyrights of this website, I came to know that this website is not old and has been recently launched. Best-Generic-Drugs has a haphazard layout which makes it difficult to understand it first. Many ED drugs are sold by this drug store, some of which are also branded.  The branded medications are approved by the FDA, whereas the generics are made by Indian manufacturers and approved it is not known whether these generics are approved by the FDA or not. The website does not demand the clients to present a prescription despite the fact that it mostly sells Rx medications. I was able to find a lot of ED drugs on this website and decided to check their prices. I came to know that Best Generic Drugs offers Sildenafil Citrate at varying prices ranging from 1.38 to 2.75 US Dollars.

As far as the payment methods are concerned, major credit cards are accepted here in addition to the Western Union and bank transfers. Shipping rate is fixed at 39.96 US Dollars per order consisting of 100 pills. If pills in the given order increase 100 count, additional charges of 39.96 US Dollars are to be paid. The website does not accept returns and only provides refund or reshipment in case of non-delivery. The option of live chat is available at Best Generic Drugs but was currently not working and taking offline messages only. Other ways to contact the company includes leaving a message by visiting the contact section.

Best-generic-drugs.com Reviews

Best-Generic-Drugs.com does not have any customer reviews as a proof of its authentication. Customer reviews play a significant role in determining the status of a pharmacy. These reviews determine if the store is authentic and if it actually provides all those services that it claims to. It is also a good way of checking if the drugs provided by a store are legit and actually work to cure the respective ailments. Therefore, the stores which do not take this section into important consideration are not said to be responsible. Also, there is no guarantee of their products or services and there is an equal chance of the store turning out to be a scam. Therefore, I would request the customers to avoid Best Generic Drugs and instead look for other stores that have sufficient amount of customer reviews to support it.

Best-generic-drugs.com Reviews 2016

BestGenericDrugs has also not received customer reviews in the year 2016. Therefore, I decided to check Scamadviser in order to find out more about this store.

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Scamadviser says that this website has been listed as a threat. The store that says to be located in the United States is actually from Romania. There is a possibility is that this is a scam website which can prove risky for the customers.

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A zero percent rating has been given to Best Generic Drugs by Scamner. It has been mentioned that this store does not entertain too many visitors. There are high chances of it being a scam hence, it is not safe for browsing or for buying drugs.

Best-generic-drugs.com Coupon Codes

In search of discount offers, I was able to find an advertisement that said that Best-Generic-Drugs.com provides “incredible offer” to its customers. The store has also mentioned various discounts of 10, 30, 40, 50 and 90 percent in this advertisement. However, it has not provided the customers with any other information regarding how to avail these offers.

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Another offer is present on the website of this drug store that says that it will provide one blister pack for free with all the orders that are paid for using bank transfer. However, a condition has been mentioned along with this offer that the order is only liable to this discount if it contains medications worth more than 150 Euros.


To conclude, I can say that Best-Generic-Drugs.com has not been able to secure my trust. There are many reasons for this statement, the most important of which is the lack of customer reviews. As I was not able to find any customer responses in favor or against the store, there is nothing much to say about it. Additionally, the store has been disapproved by two scam analyzing websites which means, that there is certainly something wrong with the services or the products offered here. I will give this store a rating of 1 out of 5. It becomes obvious from the rating that this store is not recommended for ordering drugs as it is not safe.